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Wow I completely agree with him in I dunno...EVERYTHING??? I can't believe how much I love this guy (not literally) and his humour exceeds the phrase "lol". It doesn't make me actually "rofl" but then I can't think of many things that do so I dunno it must be good.


Dunno how many others agree but I can relate to this guy. I hate rpgs, I didn't like Super Smash Brothers and I dunno, the GTA review summed me up he just seems to be on the same wavelength as me, maybe he is me. It is freaky.

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Lol iv been watching him since he started


I have a email from Yahtzee :)


orly? I don't believe it :001_tongue: Copy and paste it into this topic if you really do :thumbup1:


Anways, I've also been watching ZP and Yahtzee since he started on Escapist

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I do and a few of my friends swear up and down that he's got to be some sort of government sponsored clone of me or something because of how similar our styles are.

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