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Why Venomou-Fate Types Like This: The Answers To All Your Questions!!!

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This Post Is For Everyone Who Has Asked Me Why I Type All My Posts With The First Letter Of Every Word Capitalized.


Well The Story Begins Back In 6th Grade For Me. Before 6th Grade I Rarely If Ever Used A Computer Because I Had A Life. Then In 6th Grade I Took A Year Long Keyboarding Class. In This Class We Were SUpposed To Learn How To Type Using Homerow So That We Did Not Have To Look At The Screen When We Were Typing. Well My Teacher For That Class Was Named Miss. Kay, And She Was Blind In Her Left Eye, Which Seems Irrelevant But It Actually Is Very Important. Since She Was Blind In Her Left Eye And She Always Stood Up In Front Of The Classroom If You Sat On The Right Side Of Her She Couldn't See You. Well I Always Sat On The Right Side Of Her So I Could Screw Around With My Friends, However As A Consequence Of This I Never Learned How To Type Homerow And I Always Just Hunted ANd Pecked In The Class Since I Knew She Could Not See Me. Whenever She Walked Around And Came Up Behind Me I Would Just Kinda Put My Fingers On Homerow And Spam My Keyboard. Then When She Left I Would Go Back To Hunting And Pecking. Well I Finished That Class With An 85 Average Because My Hunting And Pecking Also Was Very Slow, And It Was My Worst Grade Ever For A Class And Still Is.


Well After This Class I Continued To Regularly Hunt And Peck For Years Until I Got Into High School And I Realized I Would Have To Type Faster If I Wanted To Keep Up With How Fast Everyone Else Typed Both Online And In School. Well I Had No Idea How To Be Able To Type Faster But Then One Day I had A Breakthrough. I Was Talking With My Friend And I Mentioned A Movie Titles That Was Very Long, Like 7 Words Or So, And When I Did After I Finished Typing The Title I Never Stoppped Capitalzing The First Letter Of Every Word. I Noticed When I Typed Like This For Some Reason it Allowed Me To Type Faster Since The Shift Key Acted As A Point For Me To Re-Align My Fingers So That I Had To Look At My Keyboard Less Often. Well After I Typed That Sentance With The Movie Title The Girl I Was Talking To Made Fun of Me For It So I Kept Typing Like This As A Joke. Well After A Few Weeks My Typing Sytle Began To Spread To All My IM's And Everything I Wrote. Everyone Made Fun Of Me For It, But After A Month or So Everyone Just Got Used To It, Including My Current Girlfriend.


Well After About 3 Months Of Doing It Jokingly, Since I Am A Person Who Enjoys Long Term Jokes, I Began To Realize How Fast I Was Typing Like This And How Much Of A Habit It Had Become For Me. So Basically Now I Type Like This Without Even Realizing It, It Has Become Such A Habit That Everything I Write Is Typed Like This And When I Write Essays For School I have To Go Back Word By Word And Change It, A Long Process But It Is A Downfall Of The Habit.


Well The Story Continues, In A WoW Guild I Used To Be In They Actually Threatened To Kick Me From The Guild Unless I Typed Normal. Well I Didn't Want To So Everyone In The Guild Blocked Me, But Eventually Since I Was An Officer People Realized That If They Didn't Listen To Me They Would Always Die When We Fought Stuff So Eventually Everyone Came Around And Did Not Mind My Typing.


Then I Came Here To Stem Gamers, In My Quest To Be Part of This Community More I have Fallen Even Deeper Into To My Habit To Allow Me To Type Faster So I Can Take A Very Active Role In The Forums.


In Conlusion, I Type This Way Out Of Habit And Pressing The Shift Key At The Begining Of Every Wor Helps Me To Re-Align My Fingers On The Keyboard Much Like Homerow Does For Everyone Else. I Get A Lot Of People Who Ask Me Why I Type Like This And That Is The Main Reason, I Don't Even Realize I Do It So Unless I Really Try It Is Hard For Me To Write Normally.


So Please Don't Put Any More Irrelevant Messages After My Forum Posts Asking Why I Type Like This.


Thank You


Much Love,



P.S. lol Sticky This So No One Will Ever Post A Stupid Post In A Thread After My Post Ever Again Asking Why I Type Like This. Make It A Rule That You Can't Ask About My Typing In Any Thread Except This One.

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Typing class???


Seems a bit pointless to me...practice makes perfect.


Atleast it did for me, I type without looking because after so much typing I know where every key is in comparison to the key I last hit. Don't really use all my fingers though, but I am fast :wink:

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Venomous, you fail. I type quite fast without watching my hands at all... You should really consider re-take the class if possible and learn to type just like everyone else with the regular way instead of having to use SHIFT for every word :wink:


Personally, I had an average grade from a similar class but the teacher said I can do better - I just nod, took my grade and went out of the door. Also, I keep learning how to type faster all the time because I type quite a lot with people online and now on few different forums :001_tt2:

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