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GTX 970 Class Action Suit Refund(US ONLY)

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A recent class action lawsuit towards Nvidia about the false advertisement of the GTX GeForce's 970 video card's capabilities has made Nvidia agree to a settlement of a 30$(20% of 350$ USD) refund for everyone who had purchased the card(along with all the delicious court fees of 1.3 million). I'll put several links at the end so you can read up on it.


To my knowledge, there isn't a way to make a claim quite yet, but you can make a request for a refund of 20% through Amazon based on how someone has posted a chatlog of them talking with an Amazon representative and refunding their account for the 30$ settlement.


For now it only appears to be United States only, but other users in the bottom reddit link have said that they have received a refund from Amazon UK.

The settlement price is different for international customers, but for now I think it is US and UK only. I've not seen any other users refund from other nations.


I have a 970 and thought that I would spread the word to anyone that might also have one in the US. The link to TopClassAction.com tells you to wait until they have information about how to make a claim by staying up to date with their site. The bottom reddit link has the OP showing that they were able to refund the 30$ through Amazon without much hassle at all! I haven't heard much good about Newegg's handling of the refunds though. I myself need to check where I purchased mine because I'd like to know for the refund.








If anyone can find any other info, posting here would be greatly appreciated.

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I still believe advertising the card as 4GB when only 3.5GB was accessible is scummy as fuck, especially since it's built into the architecture and there's no way manufacturing companies can work around it.

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