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spy vs spy soccer: is the gray part a part of the pitch?

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It would have been nice to be told what i did wrong before i was killed, even after i asked clearly, by none other than Drify, but the real question is on the map spyvspy i think its jb_spyvsspy or something or other i don't know exactly (crucify me), is the gray part of the soccer field also "pitch"? because i would think it is considering the ball can bounce there and we were running around on it the whole time we were on "pitch". here's a screenshot of what wikipedia has to say: https://gyazo.com/7e92745e6eea817298e0adc86382d774 , and the link to the wikipedia page for its entirety: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_pitch . It's a small issue but i just think it should be cleared up if this part of the field is pitch or not. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/b2Ac8dfoNXs (i showed the entire round to clarify i had no reason to be kos, if you don't care. skip to 2:40)

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If the ball can go there I don't see why it should be considered not part of it. By default it should be allowed and come under the order of "be on pitch" but CTs should be allowed to restrict that area.

@Goku @Wawa what are your opinions? Please note that the above is my opinion on the matter :)

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I would also define pitch as the area/surface where the game is played. I mean, most of the time this means grass = pitch but in this case, the playing area also includes another surface.


Kind of silly to shoot prisoners for being on the grey surface in the first place, it only makes the pitch marginally bigger and poses no real threat to the CT team other than for the sake of giving them a reason to be irrationally strict.

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Luke asked me this yesterday.


Yes, the grey part is part of the pitch. It's part of the field as play since you have to go up there to get the ball. In this case, there is a grey border between grey part and the grass. Everything inside that grey border is defined as the pitch.


People really need to chill out with how literal and serious they take some things. This has to be one of the stupidest scenarios I've had in awhile.

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