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  3. We’re still waiting for the oven to preheat for the waffles so add some extra years to that.
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    Updated Rules

    To be fair to you, that message doesn't really pertain to what you were referring to. That advertisement is specifically referring to the now (mostly) extinct rule changes made in December. I do think updating it to what you suggested would be beneficial.
  8. Goku

    Updated Rules

    That is the very first advertisement message. I put that exact message there when the deathgames/lr rule change happened back in december. there's also a message that says happy easter and has been there since before christmas
  9. V As it currently stands, when you tell a T to crouch to pool, all you have to do to avoid them jumping if you don't want them to, is say "no jumping". Compared to if "no jumping" was in the rules you then have someone jump and get warning shot, and referred to the rules where it says "no jumping is implied when told to crouch walk". IMO of those two options, its more straight forward and easier for the CT to just say 3 more syllables. I don't think asking a CT to be straight forward with his order is complicating anything. I just don't see the big deal about asking for a CT to simply add "no jumping" at the end of "crouch to pool". Which is sounding to me like you're referring to the regulars being smartasses with the orders given and trying to find loop holes. Example being what I used to do when the order was "line up at the bottom of the cell stairs" and I'd go under the stairs because it was technically the bottom. I did so with the understanding that I was likely to be shot, and if I was I didn't make a big deal out of it. Which is where I refer to what I said after getting AO in regards to this exact thing: Idk. I haven't really played on the server at all since sometime in December. If simply asking CTs to tack on "no jumping" is as big of a hassle as you guys are trying to make it out to be, then fuck it have the AOs in charge change the stance back. I really couldn't care less. I still stand by the decision I made months back, but I really don't have much investment at this point if it stays that way. I'm just presenting the counter argument and explaining why the stance was changed and my personal thoughts on the matter since I was the one that ultimately changed it. I don't think its as big of a deal as its being made out to be, but really there's not much more for me to add to this conversation. If it stays that way, I think its best. If not, eh fuck it I don't care.
  10. Goku

    Updated Rules

    Think he's asking for the rules to be updated to reflect that change. For example when I just looked at the megathread, it still just says that special orders aren't allowed.
  11. Order is to crouch to pool. You jump while remaining crouched, you're still crouched. That's my point. The original stance years ago was that when you jumped, you weren't crouching. I begged to differ and changed the stance, which I still stand behind. If they uncrouch while jumping, yeah go ahead and shoot them. And CTs don't have to give orders like "One step out, face your cell, freeze. No jumping, no crouching, no panther steps no bhopping". One step out and freeze means just that. At least in regards to jump steps or the retarded ass Panther steps. I made it very clear throughout my time as AO that if someone took more than one step, they weren't following the classic "one step out face the cell and freeze" order. Panther steps as far I know aren't even a thing anymore, and when they were it was hardly my fault. Blame the retarded kids that took my joke I made before I was even admin, and ran with it. But one step out and freeze means exactly that. You take one step and freeze. I say just tack on "no jumping" because IMO if they remained crouched while jumping, the order is still being fulfilled. Which is what this ultimately boils down to. Whether or not you believe that staying crouched while jumping is fulfilling the "crouch" part of the order. Which I do, and that's currently how the rule still stands. I'd love to see someone manage to legitimately bhop while crouch jumping. Again, if they uncrouch while jumping, they can be shot. But AFAIK, you can't remain crouched and build up speed to actually bhop somewhere. The whole "jumping isn't implied" doesn't show up on the server unless it was added after my departure. It only appears in the FAQ thread. One of the things I did while AO was try to limit the amount of rules listed in the !rules plugin since at one point I believe we had over 30. And there's a difference in learning basic fundamentals of the game if you're new (such as not freekilling) and learning the technicalities of the specific servers rules. It's much easier for CTs to say what they want (no jumping) than for a new player (either to our server, or JB in general), to just assume no jumping is implied. Yes, it could be added to the !rules plugin so someone won't have to check the forums, but the rules plugin is there for IMO for the more core elements of the game. Such as wardens, warning shots, detour/delay etc. And again I ask why does this matter? If you start from a crouch walk, and jump while remaining crouched, you aren't going to gain momentum. This entire argument ultimately boils down to, as I said before, whether or not you believe that jumping while remaining crouched, fulfills the "crouch walk" order. I still believe it does since you are still crouched, and that's what the rules reflect. If the new AOs in charge beg to differ and change it then so be it. Something like no d/ds is implied and on the server rule list because it's a very crucial part of the mode and applies to every single order given. Specifying whether or not no jumping is implied to crouch walk orders only pertains to that one order and as such doesn't warrant a slot on the !rules plugin imo. It's clarified only in the FAQ thread because it is a FAQ. From a rule standpoint it's easier for CTs to just state what they want from the Ts. As such I still stand by my point that it's better for CTs to just say no jumping.
  12. @Bubblez the primary reason why it was decided a few years back that no jumping would be implied was that the people in charge at the time felt that when you jumped, you were no longer fulfilling the order to crouch. That by jumping, you no longer were crouching. I personally disagree with that, and as such made it that CTs needed to specify that you didn't want them to jump. I still think that that is the correct route to go. It's much easier for a CT to add "no jumping" than it is for a T to assume they can't jump. When a new person to our server joins, how are they supposed to know that they can't jump? Far as they're concerned they are still crouching as told. And really it boils down to a simple, who the fuck cares? Really, the fact this is being discussed again is silly. Firstly, I hate the order to crouch somewhere that isn't a short distance (such as crouch from medic to ISO on razor which is a short way), but ultimately why as a CT should you care if a T is jumping while crouching there? It's not like he's full on sprinting there. And if you order them to crouch there so you can check for weapons or whatever, then just say don't jump. But the act of jumping while being told to crouch somewhere is such a small thing that it shouldn't matter. Adding "no jumping" to the end of your order is a matter of speaking 3 more syllables. I've yet to hear a valid reason why no jumping should be implied other than people thinking that jumping is no longer fulfilling the crouch walk order, which I disagree with. As a CT you should be as clear as possible with your orders. Tacking on "no jumping" is easier for everyone to understand rather than just assuming or implying it.
  13. I only sing when I'm drunk. And I work Saturday so pls. You still have plenty of recordings from New Years to hold you over