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  1. Someone notify Psyche immediately.
  2. This just seems like a lot of words to congratulate Vick on his promotion to CA.
  3. Mango strawberry black tea, try it!

    1. Wawa


      Will do next time I'm in.

  4. Wawa


    Where the fuck is Vick's promotion to CA?
  5. I've witnessed fatal tragedies in my life outside of this community before, but never would I have ever expected to witness one within it. Roux was an integral piece to SG--his personality and dedication to this community was incredibly influential; and that's an understatement. Whenever logging onto SG's Teamspeak, it was his interactions I looked forward to the most when I saw him online because I already expected his sarcastic 'schtick' if he or I joined the same channel. I will greatly miss his sarcasm, as I feel it closely resembles my own, and I also appreciate his takes on certain topics. Roux, I will never forget you, my friend.
  6. Happy birthday Wawa!

  7. Hell, with the recent pandemic, I'd be playing on the servers right now due to not having to work long hours like I did before. But, 3600+ hours later, I am completely tired of CSGO and that's the only servers we have. Shit, even CS 1.6 is now the 26th most popular game on steam due to covid giving all games a boost in popularity, I would love to play on a [sG] 1.6 server. But actually using admin or not doesn't even matter when it comes to recognition ranks, it's still a symbol of recognition and trust in the eyes of many people for a long time. Taking that away and then turning around to say "well, it wasn't originally meant to be interpreted that way" is like saying the common perceptions of this reality are wrong and mine is right.
  8. [video=youtube_share;SxTNhD5jTyQ]

  9. No, Veterans deserve full Admin rank powers, period. Everyone I see in the current Veterans rank were once LG (and almost all being AO+), so therefore, I see no reason to remove that perk unless an individual basis warrants it. Not only that, but they're all also highly trusted in an ONLINE GAMING COMMUNITY. Past AOs, and especially BDs, were given access to confidential resources over the Internet, never in-person. Those who were once trusted and upheld integrity in the long-term of their time serving should be rewarded with long-term trust as well.