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After much consideration the Board of Directors and I have decided to promote (3) new Administrative Officers. These (3) people have proven to us that they are deserving of the promotions and we feel will do a great job. It is always tough to decide who to promote since we have so many great admin within this community. Major factors in our decision included availability, attitude, maturity, and a track record of making fair and just decisions.






We realize that many people would welcome a promotion to AO. Please keep in mind that positions can become available from time to time as peoples availability change or as the need develops. Please keep active and maintain your positive attitudes, you could be next.


Please join us in congratulating them in being outstanding members of the community.

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Congrats on the promotion.


Someone give Venomous some more keyboarding lessons.


Don't worry, now that i am AO half of my posts will probably consist of.








So you won't even notice i type like this. :)

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