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Do you actually think something will happen that year, i sure dont...


And by happen i mean all that stuff about the apocalypse and what not....


I think it will be the same as every other year :partydance:

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I think something will happen and I am sure it will be interesting. Whether it be the end of the world or another Y2K annoyance, I doubt nothing will occur. I am sure suicide rates will sky rocket, lots of praying, and of course, plenty of intelligent men shouting how absurd the entire situation is.


Thinking that everything will be the same might be a mistake. People do stupid things for stupid reasons; hell, they really don't need a semi logical reason at all.

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There is no science behind this claim of an apocalypse (unless a meteor suddenly changes direction to Earth because of a Mayan curse??)


So I can't believe it. I don't always need facts to believe something but this thing called common sense tells me when things are true or not, and this is definitely false, like all of the other fake ones.



Its all a conspiracy!!! The bomb shelter companies are cashing in from our fear! :rlol:

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