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Counter-Strike doesn't start up..?

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Alright so i can't get counter-strike to start up... steam opens but it takes longer than usual... then i go to open counter-strike and this pops up.




Please see image.



Anyways here's what happened today... i was playng blackmesa and i got timedout and then brought to my desktop with a error message that i didnt pay much attention to, it froze my computer so i turned it off by holding the power button.


So about 5 hours later i try and connect and it keeps giving me that, i press Ok and all it does is tries to connect again and pops right back up.


No idea what to do searched everywhere, want to avoid re-download due to my download limit already being over.

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Yes but i have a download limit of 20gigs a month, im at 20 something now... 2 more gigs ontop of that is to much extra cash to dish out.



And downloading through steam counts.

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why people get broadband that has limits? some broadband companies give you no limit.


Cause some people just fail.. Jokes!


I'm sorry to hear about your problem. :thumbdown:

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