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What do you do in Real Life?

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I'm kind of curious what everyone does in real life?


What and where do you work?


Are you still in school?




Besides CS, what do you like to do in your free time?


Stuff like that.


For myself I have 2 jobs. A wedding photographer since spring and in 1 weeks I start as an Assistant Editor for numerous t.v shows in Toronto.


Finished school last year for Film in Orlando FL.


No kids no wife.


For the summers I enjoy the cottage and going out with some of my SLR friends to take shots.



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I just graduated high school and I joined the Coast Guard, and I have to wait to ship to boot camp because we are such a small force with a small amount of space. So my life right now is just chillin with my friends, meeting girls, un-meeting girls, and my hobbie, computer gaming. =D

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I work at a local NBC affiliate TV station. I am an assistant director. Most of the time there I am running graphics for the morning and noon shows but I direct at least once a week or more depending on vacations and such. I get up early every day...3 AM local time, but I get off at 1 PM, its nice to have the rest of the day to do stuff. I am married and have 1 daughter as many of you know. Outside of the game currently I am involved with a video project you see around the forums. Its an animated series using CSS and HL2 characters. We have written 2 episodes so far, still working on the voices, then its off to the animation and it will be done soon. I pretty much love the stuff I do in video producton, I love to entertain people. And thats about it for me.

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Financial Investment Marketing




We publish financial investment advice, I work on the marketing and fulfillment teams, meaning I work with marketers to acquire new customer as well as work with editors to take care of our end products. In addition I help cross sell and convert customers into buying more services from us.

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I plan to work at Six Flags soon, yaknow those guys that walk around with a broom and bucket for trash....yea.


Hobbies include Drums, music in general and working with computers.

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I'm enrolled in Seneca College, doing Computer Programming & Analysis. In September I start taking my specialization courses, which is going to be game programming.


I'm doing 2 classes this summer, Introduction to Java Programming and Graphical User Interface Programming using MFC, VC++ in .NET, and a little bit of XWindow.

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