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Wired or Wireless Internet?

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I've always thought that wired is always better than wireless unless you have no option at all and have to go for wireless. My school has a server where I can download all sorts of programs. At home, wired connection, the transfer rate is somewhere around 600kbps. When I'm actually in the building on my laptop on a wireless connection, that transfer rate drops down to 30kbps.

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Well I need wireless because my Ps3 is too far away from my computer and router otherwise :wink:


Also as long as its password secure you are safe with it anyway :glare:

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You can only transfer data as fast as your modem can feed it to your routers.


You could have a 1000000000gb wireless/wired router, but if your internet connection is 5mb then what the hell does it matter.

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wireless connectivity and speed drops with distance and obstacles between you and the actual box. I have a very fast N-router (as fast as yours), but when I bring a laptop into the room where my router is, I plug in. It is more reliable and speedy. But if your system is gonna be across the house or something, wireless is cheaper then punching holes in your walls to put in an ethernet cable...

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