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ZM contest (win free prizes)

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Zombie Murder is holding a contest every Friday where you can win free prizes. The prizes will very and will be predefined for each contest night. Only one person can win per contest and if you win once you will not be eligable to win again for 90 days.



How the contest works:

The game will last 2 hours during which sprays containg letters will be sprayed on the map. You must find/collect all letters and unscramble the word. There will be multiple maps with multiple words. You must unscramble each word correctly then arrange the words to come up with the "Contest Phrase." All players who sucessfully unscramble each word and the entire phrase in the correct order will be eligable to win the prize for that night. Once the contest ends submissions will not be accepted. All of the correct submitters will be turned into a number value. A third-party will randmonly pick a number (not knowing who they relate too) and that number will represent the winner for that nights contest.


When is the contest:

The contest will be held every Friday night on the Napalm server. The time for the contest will be 8pm-10pm(cst).


Who is eligable to win prizes:

All players and [ZM] Admins EXCEPT the (1) admin who is running the contest for that night.


When/Where do you submit you answer:

You must submit the correct phrase prior to 10PM(cst). To submit your answer send a private message to the user CONTEST here on zm forums. You may only submit one time so make sure you have the correct phrase.


What should be included in the submittion:

Just the "Contest Phrase" in the subject line, thats it.



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