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Guest barackobama

Wow, the whole reason I wanted to get a map for Prision break was to have fun,


Now everyone is always babbling on about, how someone kills them for nothing, or they cry over how someone gives someone else a gun, it's a fun map, and you all go EMO!

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Well its like playing with 5 year olds with playing cards, no matter what you have, they win. Anyone remember that scene from Big Daddy? Freakin hilarious. Last night I honestly was trying to figure out how to play this style of game and I kept on running into people who just wouldn't play by the rules. I'd be sneakin out to the parking garage and then Karot would yell over mic hey Spike why are you in the parking garage? WTF? Honestly, I don't see this becoming a good server unless people play by the rules all the time. Rule enforcement is hard enough on a breakfloor server but like Red said in another post, this is like times 1000.

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Mabye we need a set of rules then?


T do what CT say. No matter what.


T can rebel at any time.


CT have the right to shoot T if T rebel.


Rebel = disobeying orders, straying out of prisoner areas, attacking CT, possesing a weapon.



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I think wat Mammal said in the last reply is a good idea


but wat if its like in the real prisons,u know gangsters giving money to guard for giving them the stuff they need,and if he dose'nt do wat he suppose to give them they will be reported and police can put them to jail,like in Blood In Blood Out(if u guys ever saw that movie)


wat i am trying to say is that CTs are allow to give guns to Ts,and for a suggestion,maybe we should put like this whisper thing for chat,for example


Example:w/spikedrockergive me a gun and i will give u money and let u live.


and if the guard gets caught or get told by a one of the Ts then a CT can either stab him 2 times with the weak knife hit or 1 time with the strong knife hit,then CT goes to T side,and CTs only can vote on which of the Ts can go in the CT side


and it would be cool if SG can make there own map and make the map with more ppl in it and the server can have more than 16 players,i mean it would be fun if there was 8 CTs allowed and 12-15 Ts allowed,i mean its the only way more players can enjoy and join the server


i mean its a really fun mod so i think i will suggest these rules on my opinion


CTs cannot give Ts gun unless the Ts offer them something good then they can.


Ts can Rebel anytime


Ts can either stay in there Cell or listen to wat CTs order them to say.


CTs cannot shoot or stab Ts for no reason,unless they knife u and if they get close to a CT they can shoot there foot without killing them


I really like this new Server Mod u guys put by i would like for u guys to put more player slots and maybe put some of these suggestions on rules for the Jailbreak server and the some add ons.


Oh btw if CTs stab another CT with the weak stab,it can get off after 15 seconds,but CTs could stab the Ts if they have a reason or if a T stab them


I Hope this might Help :d

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Yeh, that would be sweet, Obez..


But really, shouldn't friendly fire be on as well? I mean, if theres 2 guards and 1 of them gets stabbed, a third guard can just spray the group and only kill the terrorists, but if theres a risk of killing another guard - he would have to either aim very well, or get him out of the group to drop the gun..

Would be more realistic..


But besides that, I think that mammals rules are fair enough! People always bitch when they got shot for not going in a certain direction or not staying some specific place .. WELL, you disobeyed what the guard said, get over it!!

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Another rule i'd like to see added:


Don't bitch about Crossfire.


If there is a group of T's just standing in the cornor, having a massive cluster-fuck and one of them whips out a gun, and the guards shoot at him, and you get hurt/killed because you were standing near him. Thats your fucking fault.

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I don't care about crossfire, but i got always killed bc i stand next to that gate on cell side and no cts was near me. And i got some "warning shots" and damages were: 65 dmg, 70 dmg and 115 dmg, shooting head isn't warning.

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