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Good and Evil: The Combine Adventures Promo

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I kicked my ass and I should have been in bed about 5 hours ago, but I got our teaser done for our series.




Thanks goes out to Amby, DoctorStrange(Speed), ICannon, StrykerSwat, and Jeuz for doing all the shooting of each other used in the video. Again thanks to Suri for the graphics. Last and not least, Haggard for providing the voiceover. I wanted to do something a bit more complex but time and problems restricted me to do something a bit simpler. I might go back and re-do it once our problems are fixed and I have more time :-P. Thanks again for everyones help!

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"Your tired of watching the same old crap on your computer screen?"


Let me be the first to say...














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I opened the thread into a new window and heard Haggard and thought, "I'm not on vent... I'm on my laptop at work... What the fuck is going on here?"




Anyway, what is this? I missed something.

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