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I have asked this before in another post but it was not answered. Would it be possible to make guns in cells spawn in cells random? This would make game alot more fun due to ct's actually not knowing where it is, as should be the case. The gun is there to give t's a chance at starting the revolt. I know that t's still can win alot as things are, but this would be alot more even if there are good ct's in game. CT's can't be beat if they were to actually be organized, which isn't the case most the time. But when they are this would give t's a chance when ct's don't know where gun is. :thumbup1:

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Where the gun is placed is completely up to the map .. It is not being placed by a serverside script..

I will, in my map, try to find a way to make it spawn in 4-5 different places - one at a time of course, so the terrorists wont have 4 or 5 guns in 1 round..

The bad thing about that would be that in some rounds (depending on the amount of spawnpoints vs people on the server) it would spawn in an empty cell.. But again, that would just make it more fun :)


I'll be working on it for my final release of ba_prison_lockdown..

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Every prison break has two guns, most know about one and not always the other.


The only one that doesn't have two guns in the map is the one that has the teleport to the gun room.

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