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Xbox vs. Play3

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I'm selling my Xbox 360 after I refurb it, as well as the collection of games that came with it. I am tired of the shit I hear on Live and this is the second time it's RRODed on me, so I'll just suck it up and wait for all the titles that come out on it to be released on PC (Even though most 360 titles are released anyways for PC before it comes out on the console.)

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Mr. Xbox has more games,exclusives,better multiplayer, and it's graphics match those of the PS3. The only downside is it's creator(M$, BUNCH OF CHEAP STAKES) and the RROD(Which occurs after overheating and makes your 360 unoperable).

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Well if u love movies and kickass grapichs go with the PS3,if u like online play go with 360


but if u rather be playing in Home with mature guys/girls go with PS3,if u like to make friends(even tho there lil kids that are annoying,and sometimes funny)then go with 360


if u love MGS and Resitance series go with PS3,if u love Halo and Gears of War Series go with 360


for one thing i really want to own is a 360 for online play and PS3 for MGS4 and the new Resitance that is gonna come out


for now i am sticking with PC,plus i love RTS games :d


but rember this


GAMERS FTW :thumbup:


FAN BOYS/GIRLS FTL :thumbdown:

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