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Well, I'm going to be pretty busy soon and I'm not on as much anyway. I can either pay for someone's admin using the subscription I have currently or just cancel it. What should I do? =?. I'll be back in two months, but will still wonder around the forums, BTW my birthday is in 11 days. =)

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Are you even allowed to pay for someone else to have Admin?


If you're still going to pay, I'd suggest picking someone you trust to take over your admin spot. Kinda suck if someone abused admin on your money, ya know what I mean?




Happy birthday, though. :)

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Well, thats a interesting idea. I have not problem with it as long as The EO's ALL agree that its ok. Also if you turn over your admin payment to someone else i will take your powers away till you ask to have them put back into your name. Thanks for the offer and for continued support of Zombie Murder.

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i nominate pancake hes caught alot of hackers an stuff lately and spent alot of his time reportin them givin him admin wuld just make the process quicker


Nah, I'm having fun being just a regular, give it to someone else. Besides, my internet connection is being a bitch lately, so I haven't been on that much lately.


Anyways, just donate it or buy a cheap hooker.

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Donate it. :]


And nice! My birthday is the 24th haha. super excitedddddd.



or you know take pancakes idea of a cheap hooker. Though STD's and all.. you might not want to.

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