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Is anyone here goin to play Warhammer Online when it comes out? If so please say wat server b/c i am wanting to play with ppl i some that know

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I've been playing the game for quite a bit now, and I've really enjoyed it. Currently playing Greenskin Shaman, and love kicking orders butt. The game is pretty different from WoW, but nonetheless, it's an MMO, so there's certainly a few similarities.

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Everyone and their mother's going Destruction. This game will fail massively if there isn't some sort of lock mechanism on what faction you can play based on population balance.


Not that I want it to, it looks interesting. I'll get it if it'll let me install it despite being under the hardware requirements. It wants 2.5 P4, I've got 2.2 P3... well it's an AMD, but it's older than the first lines of P4s so I assume it's a P3 equivalent.

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