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Soooooooooooo I'm back after 2 weeks :001_tt1::001_tt1:


I'm guessing I've missed alot but I'll be on to try and catch up but got a big party tommorow.


I was in Turkey and it was HOT :scared:, at times reaching close to 50C. I got burnt :crying: but my brother got alot worse burn because he didn't put sun tan on, I wouldn't inflict the horror of showing pics to you of it.


It was a great holiday really, did loads of great stuff like Paragliding from 6550ft and White water rafting.


The town nearby called Hisaronu is a miniature Vegas its full of restaurants and bars :001_cool: and the Go Kart track they had was pretty good.


The market they had there was really good, especially when you have the skills to get a good deal.


I'm pretty sure everything there was fake so I knew I could get good deals and I got a guy who wanted £30 for a Gucchi wallet down to £8 which was funny because when I said "£8 or I walk" he said "Cheeky bugger" and so I walked off and he said "Jimmy, Jimmy wait...." and he is chucking the wallet in my bag trying to get more off me and eventually he settles at the price I want :thumbup1: That also happened when I was buying 2 Fenerbache shirts and the guy tried to give me the dodgy goods with pen marks and food stains but I noticed.


Once I'm unpacked and I can find the camera I'll put up some pics of the holiday, sadly we didn't get many pics in some places because its hard to take pictures and the prices the people charge on the trip were very high, but I did buy the pics of me paragliding.



ALSO I need to pay for admin so I'll probably try and get that sorted on Sunday or Monday !

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I didn't even realize you left!


Yeah well I never noticed that your secret habit is licking potatoes with mint on them. :001_huh:


Paul I had my handy psp to check all the scores :wink: and Sky showed the Watford v Ipswich game.....epic!

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