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[ZE] Ugandan Escape 2.0

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:brudda:UGANDAN ESCAPE 2.0:brudda:


My ZE bruddas and sistas, we need you to come out and make this event happen by showing de wae to the non believers in the steam gamers community. Obviously as this should go, I have a few ideas of what maps we should play that might have a "Ugandan" type theme to them, and as the following might go.


1. ze_crazykart_b4

2. ze_supershitshow_b4


3. ze_666_crazy_escape_b3s


4. ze_epic_escape_v1_2 (if Wesker or Cept wants to test during event)

5. ze_roof_adventure_v8f



If this happens we might have a few special items such as:


- No rank point loss

- 3x Store Credits



If you have any more ideas feel free to leave them down below my :brudda:'s

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