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  1. Thanks for all your work Wesker. You've done a lot for the SG community and it's sad things ended this way. I really hope you do well in your future. Take a good rest :D
  2. Help needs ZE. Since ZE is a widely known community server that players enjoy, we would need to get that back up and running to maintain the fame of SG. During the time when SG was ranked below 10th, I would constantly hear people talking about SG, but now it they never talk about SG, and they think the server just completely disappeared. Honestly all we can do right now, is just grab a few old regulars and pull them back into the server. From there, we’re going to have to build back to the top again.
  3. Friday bit questionable... Maybe exclude at least 1 map out of the 3.
  4. Lmao I didn’t notice that >_ For the master chief skin, I know a few servers that have the master chief skin set to default. That would be nice and cool to also have on our server.
  5. The models on the server currently are a bit lacking. I understand that more models will increase the loading time for players to join, but I feel like adding a few more player models wouldn’t hurt much. I like the fact that you are able earn a skin through achieving the solo rank, which forces more players to play on the server and gives them a reason to grind points. Although this does cause different types of point farming, admins could be a little bit more stricter against point farming. Honestly the ZM models are fine. We could try new human models other than default, but we have to make sure it’s suitable for a CT model, and it shouldn’t be too large. Especially without the hide command, large player models can cause a disturbance in gameplay. Some skins I would recommend as exclusive or VIP skins are: https://gamebanana.com/skins/173848 https://gamebanana.com/skins/173848 Wesker’s love list: https://gamebanana.com/skins/169417 https://gamebanana.com/skins/169435 We could also bring back some of the CSS player models for an event: https://gamebanana.com/wips/50068
  6. Although I can’t attend Saturday events because of Japanese school, I’m proud that the server is slowly reviving, and more players are willing to play. Big appreciation to all of you regulars planning and organizing events. Keep it up all!
  7. Bumping this thread since I’ve updated many things. I find this entire list of admin room locations very useful myself, and I would like to share it to all of the new players. Again, massive credit goes to @EasterLee for most of these admin room locations. Thanks all!
  8. We do have a few admins in the ZE community, but most are very inactive at this time of the year (including myself). Recently, I’ve seen a few regulars gathering and communicating with other regulars to plan mini-events, which seems to be working. This is not the very first time I’ve seen a server “die”, and through my past experiences there has been servers that recovered from it. We could continue doing mini-events and slowly gather our old players back into the game, but we need to find better ways to convince players to join our server. Obviously, we have to find ways for people to prioritize our Steam-Gamers ZE server over other populated ZE servers. Our current solutions to fixing this problem: - Mini events by steam/discord groups - Large events by ZE admins - ZE meetings/discussions Some things we could possibly improve on to fix this issue: - Ways to convince old regulars to join the server, and new players to create a forum account. - Getting the new players more involved in the community. - Recommend and/or persuade some of our active and “admin-worthy” players to apply for admin. - Announce events not only on the steam-gamers forum, but also on the server. Time-by-time remind players about the event on a particular date/time (especially for the players that do not have a forum account). - Like WickedZealot said, more ZE players can get involved in forum discussions and meetings. Adding on: ZE tryhard clans are also another possible way to populate the server (even in 2019 ). A group of members form and represent their teams by wearing the tag in-game. Before 90% of my ZE clanmates went off to college or started doing other stuff, we always played SG-ZE together. Other random players soon became interested to join our clan, and plenty of players started applying. While the negative effect of this is map favoritism, this could be a great way to begin the revival of a dead server.