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  1. this was a whole 10 days ago my guy...
  2. Polarzz


    you're telling me I'm not getting my IA back after jokingly stepping down for April fools? SCAMMED
  3. y u only regular, 

  4. For anyone wondering how the event went... it went a little something like this @Strayyz @TheZZLget owned
  5. Not to flex or anything, but I recently won a $100 minecraft survival games tournament. Yeah be afraid.
  6. one day you will feel the warmth of a woman 

  7. happy birthday :)

  8. Polarzz

    GIFs in #general

    Not sure if you remember what just happened couple days ago in random, but moderating a cest pool like that is why it is set for the random channel for the time being.
  9. anyone who actually marries a female for this event should just win
  10. you're still not getting SM @20 scrolls
  11. thank u mr john for the epic rust giveaway and thank you for informing me my computer has virus
  12. as long as it doesn't increase his ego
  13. we need the og event maps like random tilex supershitshow back 😔
  14. My ping went up 30ms and I'm closer to the servers...