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  1. as long as it doesn't increase his ego
  2. we need the og event maps like random tilex supershitshow back 😔
  3. My ping went up 30ms and I'm closer to the servers...
  4. did you unban the ZackOnTheWii account or my alt?

  6. yeah like being the best worst ze player
  7. This is very sad, roux I will personally make sure I donate another $0.69 for this.
  8. happy birthday bhop nerd

  9. Manny has been permanently banned for posting inappropriate pictures, saying sexual comments, and failing to acknowledge previous warnings. Let this be a reminder to everyone - we do not and will never condone this type of behavior on any of our platforms. Regardless of age, you should not be engaging in overly sexual conversations or posting sexually suggestive content on any of our platforms, especially after being given countless warnings to stop. Just because you think something is funny or entertaining to you does not make it okay to say or post whatever you feel like. To come around and so jokingly say, "rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome", or, "catch me with a bunch of fucking Mexicans crossing the border" will never be accepted at SG, not to mention the countless other inappropriate comments and images posted in discord that have come up. While this is a gaming community and we want everyone to have fun, we have to be able to draw the line at a certain point. There are consequences to your actions and in this circumstance, Manny was permanently banned from them. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact an IA+ member. To clarify: The lyrics posted here were just a part of the reason Manny was banned, and yes you can say they're "just lyrics" however you'd be wrong. Posting something on one of our platforms about raping a pregnant bitch and then calling it a threesome is just wrong, disgusting, and absolutely unacceptable, lyrics or not. It goes directly against rules we have in place and looks horrible to anyone who comes along and doesn't know that those are lyrics. If you want to hide behind that piss poor excuse and not use your brain for half a second to figure out that you shouldn't be posting that, it's on you. This is the rule: "We do not allow posts or images that are overly sexual, gory, or disgusting." There is no unwritten line that says "oh well as long as it's lyrics it's okay". By the way, for anyone who is unclear on this, SB comments count as posts. Furthermore, there were about 10 pictures posted in discord that were either right on the line of being unacceptable or were well over the line. The pictures that we found absolutely unacceptable to be posting are inappropriate enough that we felt it best to not share them publicly and taint this post. Manny posted those lyrics and was warned to cut the shit and stop using lyrics as an excuse to make inappropriate comments. Mind you this all came up after he'd already been banned for two weeks for sexual harassment and disrespect. You would think at some point in there he would have learned his lesson, but he continued to cross the line of what is acceptable here when he posted those images in discord. Manny has come up way too often in discussion as a trouble maker and has been warned, banned, and overall been given the benefit of the doubt way too many times.
  10. wish you stayed banned nerd :peepoleave:

  11. This is a scam, I don't see my name up there
  12. buenos dias amigo. mi computadora tiene muchos problemas, por favor arreglalo chico tecnologico

  13. Think we got the message here, make a player complaint if someone is breaking the rules.