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    yeah like pokimane? hows that working out now
  3. What is your in-game name? Polarzz What is your age? 16 What is your Steam ID? STEAM_1:1:197169506 Have you been a Steam-Gamers admin before? Yes Have you been banned before in SG? No If yes, please explain more about the ban(s). n/a How many hours do you have in Squad? 13 What is your experience with Squad? I've been playing Squad for almost a year even though I don't play it all the time. What has interested you in becoming a Server Admin? Expand game moderation past csgo and tf2 and help start the squad server
  4. There is no way this game can still be in alpha right now if the release date is November 13th
  5. Imo, this game doesn't seem as good as it was hyped up to be. Looking at the gameplay, graphics are downgraded compared to modern warfare, and the parkour aspect of the game isn't as good. Meaning mounting is less limited and there aren't as many things you can jump over. On the topics of guns they show how much the percentage of putting an attachment will affect your gun and they went down the path by making suppressors do less dmg, which is stupid, modern warfare doesn't do this. The only hope I have for this game is their zombies and campaign at this point. Multiplayer doesn't really interest me to make me want to buy it, so I'm hoping if they have a "Warzone" it will be free.
  6. Can't wait for @Korean Ninjato clown on you May he have mercy on your soul
  7. I bet you rehearse that to yourself in the mirror every night
  8. yeah like being the best worst ze player
  9. goodbye roux hope everything works out for you
  10. how could you do this, you just left us man
  11. This is very sad, roux I will personally make sure I donate another $0.69 for this.