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  1. there aren't many factors besides just accepting that the servers are dying and people are losing interest. when the only population you obtain for a couple hours is from an event and no other players attempt to seed a server will have no success. final exams and new games are not a factor of this at all considering college finals aren't until next month. it's also april, meaning spring break and the population should be more than what it is. not to mention bhop being the most populated server with a whopping 5 people over jb or ttt. look at gfl ze, the most popular server over the past 5+ years now has been going up and down in ranks for the past several months. even at 9 AM in the morning it was full now its getting 20 people at that time. stop using the summer excuse and eventually accept that csgo community servers are going downhill
  2. Polarzz

    Discord badges

    not sure if the discord managers are aware or have even seen this, but discord added the ability to add custom "emojis" or "badges". so now if there is a server booster, staff member, any role really can have an icon look something like this:
  3. your minecraft skills prove otherwise
  4. i'll be at the beach so i won't be able to play you got lucky this time
  5. this was a whole 10 days ago my guy...
  6. Polarzz


    you're telling me I'm not getting my IA back after jokingly stepping down for April fools? SCAMMED
  7. y u only regular, 

  8. For anyone wondering how the event went... it went a little something like this @Strayyz @TheZZLget owned
  9. Not to flex or anything, but I recently won a $100 minecraft survival games tournament. Yeah be afraid.