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[BHOP] Ramp Speed Boost

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This is kind of infuriating (Also I don't know if this is CS:GO or the server). Usually you get a speed boost when you jump off of a slope. However, sometimes (most actually) you don't get one, and keep your speed as if the ramp was a flat platform. This can greatly affect your time on a map. Again, most of these I'm not sure if you can fix, but its just a suggestion.


Edit: Also (I'm not sure if this is a thing or not but I don't think I've seen it), maybe advertise the /hud command. Many people don't know of this command and I'm sure it might be helpful to a handful of people. Also some people do the !skeys command, but there is already a key overlay in the /hud command.

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This is not a bug, this depends on the speed and the angle at which you hit the ramp. It can ask like a regular ramp or a surf ramp depending on how it's hit. /hud command is now being advertised on the server.

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