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  1. Update over the past couple days: Monday afternoon, the gpu did it’s normal black screen and max fans after some time being on heavy load. Switching back to the gtx 950 saw no problems after playing for a few hours on heavy load. Yesterday, continued playing a small amount on the 950 before my father casually comes home with a Corsair HX 750 to test out for a few days. After doing a stress test for a few minutes and about 2 hours of casual gaming, I had no more black screens nor max fans on the gpu. Another noticeable change I saw: On the old psu, the gpu fans would have an audible clicking and humming noise. Now with the 750 psu, the gpu has become almost silent and the audible noises have disappeared. Will continue testing the new psu for a few more days and I’ll respond if any more problems decide to show up. This definitely has to have been a psu problem. Thanks to those who helped.
  2. PSU: If I were to guess, it's a Raidmax RX-500S (500 wattage) CPU: Intel i5-6500k 3.20GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 ti (I know it's a slight bottleneck I haven't noticed anything) **old one was a GTX 950 Memory: Gskill Ripjaws 8GB (4x2) (I have 16GB total) Storage: 500GB SSD and 1TB HDD I've simulated my build on pcpartpicker a few times and it's come out to about ~360 estimated wattage. Those could be off but that's the gist of it.
  3. Gator had a similar response to me as well. I'm checking for any loose connections and I'll see if the problem continues. If so, then I'm onto a better PSU.
  4. Tech Support Help Ticket What general section does your problem fall under Video Issues What is your Operating System (OS) Windows 10 If you use linux, post the build and any other pertinent info (kde/gnome etc) - Have you tried the latest stable drivers for your product if any exist? If so please list the number/name of them in the box here. Yes Do you understand complex tech explanations No Would you prefer more personalized and simpler help? Yes Do you have antivirus or anti-malware installed? Yes What is the name of your Antivirus/anti malware? Windows Defender Who made your PC? (Company name or you) Myself What is the model number of the part or PC you are having issues with? N/A Please state your problem here A few weeks back I upgraded my GPU from a GTX 950 to a GTX 1070 ti. The 1070 is preowned and used for bitcoin mining. I'm fully aware of the risks that people say about buying GPUs off miners but I know the person so I can trust them. GPU temperatures range from 50-65 when playing games. I also run MSI afterburner with no overlcocked settings. The problem that's occurring is whenever I'm playing a game, the screen at random will go black instantly and the GPU fans will go into max settings. Computer, keyboard, mouse, etc. is still on but I have the manually hard crash in order to go back to normal. I'm not sure if the card is faulty or if I need to replace the thermal paste or a possible driver issue. Any thoughts?
  5. At least you know I'm an oily foreheaded catholic
  6. When Juice finds the rgb remote
  7. Responding to @Creten: I've wanted the old karma system to come back for so long I regret making it the one we currently have today. I even wanted to make the old karma system come back for the karma events but those ideas were quickly shot down. Please make this come back, I know it'll make the population come back, even with massive sweats that go for karma farming but it will have an incentive for people to aim for. If no one can find the old karma system I should have a copy of the .sp and .smx files on my laptop just in case this ever happens in the future.
  8. I completely agree with McBride's statement. I chose both for the reason that the move to discord just started and there [maybe] should be another poll after some time in the future around 4 months or so.
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  10. I've gotten back into the grind with an irl friend during the last weeks of the season of the worthy (S10). In my opinion, this season is the best of the previous two seasons. Yes, it has the same grind feature but the evolving story is what makes it my favorite. Plus f2p have a free dungeon for this season.
  11. >2013 super outdated, yet, it could possibly work. I also stand by what I said in the previous thread: Works well on paper and in gmod but maybe not working too well in csgo.