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Football starts today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else psyched? Thursdays game didn't count IMO because Washington pretty much just laid around like dead fish while the NY just stomped them in the 1st half.


We're gonna have to get all the football fans together on the east coast and watch some games together!


I'm also going to the last game of the season for the Ravens this year on Dec. 28, I'm stoked because it's my 1st Pro football game I'll have gone to. They will be playing the Jags on that date so you guys should go to that game because I'll be there WOO WOOOOOO! :thumbup1:

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Proud season ticket holder :thumbup1:


I'll be leaving in a bit to go catch the Jets @ Dolphins. The G-men already gave me a clean start in my cut throat league. Let's see how the rest of the teams hold up today.

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