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So for whatever reason, I was able to find different SG players on youtube videos. You can post your own videos of spotting people, but they cannot be from another sg member.


^Context^ Alright, I understand that this is not the best video to find a sg member in, but simply put, I am not saying you should cheat to do this, nor is the person uploading the video. The SG member is named Kiri The Corinthian(Hes inactive now) at 5:58-6:43. Once again I would like to state, I do not support the actions in the videos, I simply support the idea of laughing at people getting extremely angry.


^Context^ Member is named mx on the server or Maxxxx, and he was just doing a bit poorly in a bhop gamemode. That's all. 2:00-2:25


^Context^ Start of the video the guy snagged Brian's gun, and then basically baited him later in the round.(Brian is an admin on SG).


If you find any other videos, feel free to reply to the post with them. One last time I will say this, I do not support the actions done in the first video, and I am not trying to suggest that you should do them.

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