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  1. Miss running ZE back in 2017 with u man

  2. Yea I'd be up for helping run a hypixel event since like polarzz mentioned, I have mvp++ so I can host private games
  3. Hate to say it but this scam is not new. I've been getting scammers with this same scam for almost a year now.
  4. Although I don't play much CS anymore, it's sad to see you go. Glad you were able to end on a positive note though Welcome to the light blue club!
  5. Wow, not a dead meme event for once. Nice!
  6. I’m not ignoring it I just haven’t replied yet

  7. Thanks for ignoring my PM :)

  8. I remember you talking about the event idea yesterday on the server
  9. Does this mean you'll be the best worst ZE player again? Welcome back
  10. There's also this for general admin room coordinates. (Thanks @EasterLee)