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So, about forced deathgames...

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I've been out of the loop for a few months, and I join back recently and I find out that CTs can force deathgames...


Personally, I agree and disagree with this rule. On the positive, It's a good way for the T's to spend their time during a round, and its a good alternative to a freeday. On the downside, I don't think the T's would enjoy a risk of them dying every round to a deathgame, but maybe if there was a limitation saying CT's could only give a forced deathgame every other round or every 3 rounds it would be ok.


I'm interested in how long this rule has been instated for and why this rule was put into place.


Thanks for the info!

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Hey man, thanks for the feedback.


We just implemented the rule today based on the support for it's addition from the community. We feel as though it could really spice up the gameplay and hopefully lead us out of this deathmatch feel we currently have on the server. I'm not sure if you've read the post, so here's the full rule set:


  • CTs cannot force a death-game when there are 6 or less Ts alive. CTs must, to the best of their ability, cease the death-game if it gets to this number.
  • CTs cannot force a death-game before the clock hits 2:00.
  • CTs can only force the Ts to play a death-game for 45 seconds at a time.
  • CTs can only force map made death-games. The map made death-game must give the Ts a chance to live.
  • CTs must allow the map death-game to function as intended and must not interfere at all.
  • CTs can only force one death-game per round.
  • CTs must let the map made death-game do the damaging/killing. CTs cannot use forced death-games to gain points from kills.


I actually think this is even more restricting than if we just let the CTs force death-games every 3 rounds. It's extremely hard to get into a situation where you can actually force death-games with these rules in place. My goal for this is to expose everyone to death-games just a little bit, then gather feedback on it and possibly lower the restrictions on it. I want to eventually get it to a nice middle point where we aren't constantly forcing death-games, but they're used a little bit to change up the gameplay.


I played a little bit today to monitor it's release and it seemed pretty balanced and didn't seem like it's interrupted the server's normal gameplay much yet. I'm willing to entertain any feedback though of course, since the regulars probably play more often than me. I would encourage everyone to give it a few days of gameplay before criticizing it too harshly, but that's just a suggestion.


Thanks again for the input.

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