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First Order suggestion

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First order is honestly not very necessary and I know many people that want it removed. Most of these people play majority of their time as CTs, as FO gives Ts advantages if the person that takes FO gives slow or bad orders. Now that you guys added a new rule with FO, I don't believe that asking you guys to remove it is going to be successful. So I propose an addition to the rule to make it more fair for the CTs that have no say in the first several seconds in the round. The person that takes FO must be the one who opens cells, quickly without delay. Most of the time I have seen people take FO and go to the exact opposite side of the map of what orders were. barely enforcing if at all. Before FO, many cts could make a good order by adding on to the order so the order could be enforceable, but now if the guy that takes first order doesn't make a good order, there is confusion and loopholes that Ts can make without disobeying. Making the person that takes FO open cells will be good for 1)The FO guy enforces his order 2)The round doesn't get delayed 3)People will be less tempted to abuse FO because there is more of a responsibility to it.

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maybe its just me but this would be hard to enforce for admins and just a hassle in general


EDIT: Not saying that nothing needs to be done to !fo in the future, I just dont think this is the solution...

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The main issue with this suggestion, while good intentioned, is that cells will be opened without any time for CT's to get prepared (And if they DO get somewhere they'll be in the center of cells and get mobbed my T's). It will start rounds faster, but at the cost of not giving the CT's any control. Typically if someone isn't properly using the first order when they receive it, and admin is swift to let them know what they're doing is wrong (It's obvious since they're the only one talking).


Something else to add, you said that the person who takes FO goes the complete other side of the map of the orders. Me, and many other regulars who frequent using the first order do this and i'll tell you why. We're experienced, so when we pass the first 3 cells on a map like revamp it tells us many things. Isolation (if opened) lets me know if I need to scream "ALL T'S FREEZE" and tell my CT buddies to check out disco/kitchen, first cell, if the portal is broken or not, tells us if there's someone about to gun us down from pool, and by the time I arrive to third cell I can see if either no one comes out of it that there's a high chance of someone coming out from awp secret (Also once I get near VIP if I need to chase someone who ran into showers). Jailbreak, as we all know, is heavily T sided, so giving the t's the first minute of the round making CT's to take up their time and lives gunning down rebellers wont help. The idea I had in this thread, https://www.steam-gamers.net/forum/showthread.php?t=87474&p=980812#post980812 , and more beautifuly worded by Gentoo here:

The most I'd be okay with is locking cells until 4:45 to combat trolls. Even then, I try to switch people that are trolling, and you're welcome to make player complaints for players who do this.
Is all in all a good idea of making the cells' opening less hectic for all the t's AND ct's.
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