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  1. cool profile banner!

  2. enjoy your bday 

  3. Huge congrats to all three of you! Very well deserved!
  4. Yoooooooo! We're back with another COTM, this time for the month of July [video=youtube;u-y8OcvmGXo] Huge thanks to everyone who submitted clips this month. It was an absolute blast to put together and I really hope you all enjoy it! Like past months, the person's name who submitted the clip will be in the bottom left so if you wanted to vote, make sure to check who submitted your favorite clip. The prizes for best clip are as follows: First Place Prize: Q.U.B.E. 2 Game Key! + 7,500 In-game Store Credits Second Place Prize: 5,000 In-game Store Credits Third Place Prize: 2,500 In-game Store Credits If you end up winning a prize, make sure to PM me on Discord or the forums so I can get your prizes to you! Enjoy! Wear a fucking mask Greggy!
  6. Bump. Only a few days left so submit your clips!
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  8. Bump! We're about halfway through the time allowed to submit clips. Get yours in today!
  9. Thai Trunk!

  10. Very well deserved congrats @thuxys
  11. Welcome back gamers to another Steam-Gamers contest! As you may or may not have known, our community actually has its own YouTube channel for you to submit videos to be featured on. Since we haven't gotten video submissions in a long time, the Media Team will compile clips from everyone in SG to be edited and featured on our channel. How Can I Submit Videos? Video Submissions will be available via this form which can also be found by clicking the banner up top. When linking to the video, we ask that you upload it to either YouTube, or google drive as a .mp4 file and give us the share link where the form asks for a link to the clip. Please remember to use quality over quantity. Any clips submitted that have poor quality or no meaning will not be used nor considered in the video and contest. What Kinds of Clips Can I Submit? You are allowed to submit any clips from any game or server so long as it remains related to SG. This can mean playing another game such as Overwatch, Fortnite, TF2, etc. with people from SG, or from your time spent on the servers. There is no time restriction on the submissions for these clips, but we ask that you not submit a full demo or gameplay footage to skim through. This does not mean you cannot record with these methods and take clips out yourself to submit. A few methods of recording gameplay are things like plays.tv, steamlabs, Shadowplay, OBS, etc. I've made a guide on how to record with OBS and Shadowplay here, and a plays.tv guide by frosty here. The general requirements for submissions are: - Clips must be SG related in some way, shape, or form. - Quality over quantity. Don't spam bad clips or videos. - There is no time limit nor requirement, this goes with quality over quantity. - Only video files will be accepted. Do NOT submit demo files. Do not submit montage clips, they will NOT be accepted. What is a montage clip? It's a clip that features nothing interesting other than the gameplay in the video. Why not? Because no one wants to see you hit a mediocre AWP shot, it's not funny or interesting. I'm sorry to tell you this, How will this be judged? All clips will be judged by the public in a poll that will come with the video. First Place Prize: Q.U.B.E. 2 Game Key! + 7,500 In-game Store Credits Second Place Prize: 5,000 In-game Store Credits Third Place Prize: 2,500 In-game Store Credits Submissions for this contest will end on 8/8. Any videos submitted after this deadline will NOT be put into the current Clip of the Month contest, and will considered to be put in our next contest. The winner will not be receiving the YouTube forum award, as this award is being saved for fully edited and submitted videos through the proper form in the YouTube section of our forums. SUBMIT A VIDEO NOW
  12. hey there... Clip of the Month for May is finally here Unfortunately, there was not a whole lot of clips for the month of May, but the intelligent ladies and gentlemen of the media team made it work. The name of the person who submitted the clip is in the bottom left of the clip, so make sure to check who submitted your favorite clip! I would also like to give a huge thanks to @nesquik @thuxys and @John The prizes for best clip as follows: First Place Prize: StatTrak AWP Atheris FT + 7,500 In-game Store Credits Second Place Prize: 5,000 In-game Store Credits Third Place Prize: 2,500 In-game Store Credits Enjoy! And remember to subscribe!
  13. Appreciate your concern for the ZE server, however sometimes admins are overwhelmed or are busy and may not be able to deal with a large amount of trolls like you've described. You can always submit player complaints here for our CA team to review.
  14. Changed from Starry Night to Black Cross, New Mexico