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  1. What Touchy touched upon, is pretty accurate. You can use logic in-game, but if you're wrong you will be punished, continue to make wild and false logical assumptions and an admin will crop it up to freekilling and you'll continue to get punished. The young tyrant himself put it well here: If you have any questions on specific examples feel free to ask, but generally just think whether or not you can determine they had to go through a KOS Zone to get where they are. Seeing someone on the roof of cells on VIP isn't KOS for example, as other than the vent and invisible texture you can climb up there three different ways if you include boosting.
  2. oh god hes doing it 



    hes becoming the one who shall remain unnamed.



    please someone stop him

    1. kuri


      i dont want to have to do this but, ill come back to just to become the slayer of jb children. i will not allow you to become that tyrant .

  3. Hey everyone, really crazy and weird, but it looks like the ranking system is on the fritz right now. DO NOT CHECK THE RANKINGS FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS IT IS INACCURATE
  4. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    May 29th 2021 Permissions Updated permissions, so if you haven't yet completed the authentication you receive when you first join the server you'll now see all channels but you won't be able to chat in them Along with this, a new Category and Text Chat called [Getting Started] and #start-here have been created in order to help out some of the newer people with this authentication process So.... make sure you're all verified with the @Player role, and if you're having trouble finding the Direct Message containing the authentication go ahead and re-join the server. The link to all our Discord servers can be found at Miscellaneous Changes Music Bot commands have now been pinned in #bots The [Other] Category has been renamed to [Lounge]
  5. TheZZL

    jailbreak in 2021

    Yeah you’re right, this is not blatant and the guard would have been required to warning shot you. You can tell you’re not blatant because you’re: A. In the general vicinity of the order (not attempting to escape) B. Simply detouring/delaying, you ended up going back inside towards isolation anyway. I know you know the rules Kuri, I’m just explaining this for the other people. Before we “deconstruct” this video I wanted to comment on something said previously on this topic. If you did something KOS earlier in the round, that does not make any potential freekill in the future justified just because you happened to be KOS before. Before you all jump the gun, do some abusing, taking advantage of loopholes, and get yourselves banned, just let me elaborate. Here, nofun clearly free killed slim Jim, as he was not past first cell, that’s not how that order works. “Free day no past 1st cell” restricts the soccer, medic, garage, disco/kitchen areas on VIP/Razor/Revamp, not the other side of the cell; If you clarify your order, you can obviously switch it around. Had nofun seen slim rebell the two times earlier in the round, followed through on a KOS called on him, seen his name in the kill feed, or had ample evidence to know he was KOS then this wouldn’t have been a freekill as he had a just reason to kill him. Here I’ll cite the rules: Here I clearly have no sympathy, you’re an admin, you delayed, and you can slay this guy easy. Admin or not, I should definitely not be seeing people bitching and moaning about a double warning shot or freekill if you were disobeying. Obey, and 90% of problems disappear. I understand this isn’t absolutely reasonable, and rule breakers should and will be held accountable, but take that into consideration next time you flood admin chat or make a thread about how the server sucks dick balls We have a whole FAQ dedicated to some of the more common situations/confusing scenarios. I would not be a fan of a 3 page rule book that outlines every single ruling In relation to map locations, specific circumstances, etc.. I’ve seen how other communities have done it, and albeit they’re more successful in ways we aren’t, I see that as a turnoff and possible complication for newer players. We already have enough of a problem of people not reading the actual rules, and I know that from people in-game and those commenting on this topic. So while I'm not currently in favor of this, if the discussion swings in a way where we think longer rules can be beneficial this can be looked into. What change to rules, what loopholes, what vaugities? Please elaborate and offer some sort of suggestion to the problem you are saying there is.
  6. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    May 23rd 2021 Game Chats Added a Valorant chat to #game-roles Welcome Screening Set up Welcome Screening for all new members, it looks a little something like this: This helps a little more with a lot of bot raids we encounter from time to time Updates Updated the #roles and #information channel All #information regarding ranks are now accurate, included link to our official page outlining all our ranks at SG found here, and updated our Social links to include the SG Reddit Crackhouse, KZ, and Arena roles can now be found under #roles Emojis Time for new emojis! Static emojis available to everyone: Animated Emojis available to Nitro users: Put any new Emoji Suggestions in #suggestions in the Discord, or right here on the Forums on the Emoji Suggestions thread.
  7. Route all Emoji Suggestions here, or in the #suggestions chat in the Discord. Format: Name of emoji :example: PNG Link
  9. TheZZL

    Discord Emotes

    Some replies in here got messed up, so if you still have emote suggestions please leave them below! Regardless, new emotes will be coming soon, stay tuned. Soon™
  10. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    May 18th 2021 General Updates Removed Bug Report Tickets and converted Player Complaint Tickets into Support Tickets Added a Starboard titled #best-of-sg under [Other] Messages with over six⭐ emojis can get added to this channel! Category Changes Deleted #voice-chat channel Deleted the Music 2 voice chat This channel, and #voice-chat were rarely used and clogging up the discord, so this change along with a few others were intended to cut out channels no one uses. Moved the Music 1 voice chat to [General] and changed its name to Music Added a stage channel as our Community Meeting Channel under [General] Removed our old Meeting Channel voice chat along with this change Moved #bots to [General] Moved [Private Channels] above [Other] and [Games] This change was primarily made to promote people getting in voice channels and talking with each other more, and looks better for any visiting members who are eager to play some games and socialize Leave any feedback for any of the made changes in the Discord Subforum or in the #suggestions chat!
  11. 5/15/21 ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v10 is extra bright someone said tumbleweed may also have this issue, but that's unconfirmed.