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  1. TheZZL

    T ranks

    The Gangs Plugin will be making a comeback once it is fixed, and we will also be discussing this in the Community Meeting tomorrow @ 7:30PM EST. For those reasons, we will not be implementing any sort of T-Rank system. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Bro... Why they put CA+ together I got no clue, doesn't matter much though, competition for CA was always between Charliere, Reid, and Hawks... . We'll get em next year...
  3. Warn in chat with name/kick -> Ban, but yes that has not changed. All that is outlined above is changes to maximum ban lengths/reasons, racism rules at SG and how it is enforced on different platforms, and players getting kicked instead of permed for alting. @Benzene
  4. Exactly, we should also give the Traitors 1000 HP and add a rule that states you can not shoot a Traitor back unless you are dead.
  5. This is a great way to wrap up the Superhero event, thank you @Rygor! @chyWhat makes you think I don't have sm_disarm chy bound to mwheelup?
  6. The Jailbreak Team/Modding Team is not interested in re-creating radars for maps that generally don't need them, it's an added bonus. The map downloads thread was recently updated, let us know if anything is not working.
  7. TheZZL

    Free Kill Command

    An auto-slay feature will not happen for the above reasons, and a command to report to a Guard that they freekilled somebody is unnecessary and cause more harm than good.
  8. TheZZL

    Chicken Island Roof

    The Chicken Island Roof is not KOS unless you enter/arrive there using the two Vents on the roof. Breaking these vents, like other vents, are not KOS.
  9. Rejected for the reasons above, and also how it would complicate things for almost no reason. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. TheZZL

    Cosmetic Secrets

    Cosmetic secrets are not KOS unless you can verify the person wearing it went through a Secret/KOS Zone to obtain it. However, having a Cosmetic Secret does not automatically make you KOS. The above definition means cosmetic secrets that are given in cells (Obama toilet, Undertale/Arcade Hat, etc.) would never be KOS since you do not enter a KOS Zone or Secret to obtain them.
  11. TheZZL

    Among Us 0-100-0

    @Black Rainand @Greggy Greally had me heated for a bit Conspiring against me
  12. Guess I'm not even worth mentioning, huh? You'll see tomorrow...
  13. There are definitely tons of custom/new LRs that can be added to our plugin or are already in other plugins used by different Jailbreak Servers. This is 100% something on the table for discussion during the meeting, and I see no reason for it to not be added (Tech Team willing). Just make sure you show up for the meeting on Wednesday @ 7:30 PM EST
  14. This is so cool! Good work @Infinitywardand @Kopsta. BOYS, LETS GET THIS SERVER POPPING
  15. Hi @Ale, we at Steam-Gamers are not associated with Steam but I can help you! Roblox is not something you download through Steam, instead go to the Roblox website and sign up for an account. After that Go to "Games" and click on the Green "Play" button. Once you click the button it should prompt you to download Roblox Studios (What you use to play Roblox). Please respond if you need any more help.