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  1. Will change the plugin to print these notices client-side only from now on, unless anyone thinks there's any merit to leaving it how it is.
  2. TheZZL

    [MC] FTB Revelation

    Man, I'm so excited for Feed The Beast Revolutions!!!
  3. @CheTry reloading your discord and also checking on another device (like mobile).
  4. We boutta wipe the floor with y’all
  5. 😄 xmas 




  6. So does this mean there's a chance we can play MineStrike in the future? Sick event, hope to be there
  7. 12/7/21 Enabled a second First Order to be used 90 seconds after the first one has expired This only enables with more than 25 players on the server All First Order rules apply to the second First Order Decreased the number of players required to give a first order from 30 -> 25 Replaced jb_neon_v1 with jb_neon_v1_4 Increased the number of !tmute 's Guards can give from 2 -> 3 Increased mute time of !tmute to 30 seconds Decreased the number of players required to initiate a !tmute from 25 -> 20
  8. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    December 3rd 2021 Channels Added a new #food channel under the Lounge Category Updated #information to use Webhooks instead of a Bot (Thanks @Noxstar) If this change doesn't come immediately, it will happen ASAP once we get over a small hiccup. Category Changes Added the Staff Lounge Game Roles Added a new #bloons-tower-defense chat and @Bloons Tower Defense Role obtainable within #game-roles !
  9. Good Afternoon Gamers, As of 11/22/21 9:12 PM EST the CS:GO Servers have been experiencing inconsistent downtime and disappearances from the community browser, favorites, and search history. This came as a result of one of the most recent CS:GO updates. As of late last night we have found the issue at hand, and are working hard on making sure it is the best path forward, and hope to resolve this issue sometime soon. For now, if you wish to connect to the CS:GO servers please use the direct IPs listed below and paste them into console: We will provide updates and new information in our discord and here. Thanks for your cooperation, The Steam-Gamers Operations & Technical Team
  10. LEGGO IGN: D00dleArmy