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  1. All I can say is thank you Wesker, thank you for all the time and hard work you've put into this community and the Zombie Escape Server.
  2. TheZZL

    JB Superheroes Unite!

    I've seen a lot of hard work put into this, glad to see it finally got released! Good work @Dom @Chad and @thuxys (banner man). Save up those credits and buy these sick ass models!
  3. The Jailbreak Statistics Page is a really cool place to look at, but it seems like a lot of people overlook it, so I'd thought I'd show you some cool things about it. Get to the Stats Page by clicking this link or by clicking "STATS" at the top of the page next to "BANNED" and "GUIDES". Other servers have their own Statistics too, so make sure to check them out other than just Jailbreaks. First up we got Kill Ranks, Ribbons, and Actions - Kill Ranks store your total number of kills since you first started playing and assigns a title/rank to it. The lowest rank is Private, with 0-49 kills, and the highest rank is General of the Army, with over 29,999 kills. - View Kill Ranks here. - View the rank system here: Ranks Overview Private 0 - 49 Kills Achieved by 105 (37,63%) Players Private First Class 50 - 149 Kills Achieved by 16 (5,73%) Players Specialist 150 - 199 Kills Achieved by 4 (1,43%) Players Specialist 5 200 - 249 Kills Achieved by 4 (1,43%) Players Specialist 6 250 - 299 Kills Achieved by 5 (1,79%) Players Specialist 7 300 - 399 Kills Achieved by 3 (1,08%) Players Specialist 8 400 - 499 Kills Achieved by 11 (3,94%) Players Specialist 9 500 - 599 Kills Achieved by 3 (1,08%) Players Corporal 600 - 699 Kills Achieved by 2 (0,72%) Players Sergeant 700 - 799 Kills Achieved by 2 (0,72%) Players Staff Sergeant 800 - 999 Kills Achieved by 11 (3,94%) Players Sergeant First Class 1,000 - 1,199 Kills Achieved by 8 (2,87%) Players Master Sergeant 1,200 - 1,399 Kills Achieved by 9 (3,23%) Players First Sergeant 1,400 - 1,599 Kills Achieved by 8 (2,87%) Players Sergeant Major 1,600 - 1,799 Kills Achieved by 11 (3,94%) Players Command Sergeant Major 1,800 - 2,199 Kills Achieved by 5 (1,79%) Players Sergeant Major of the Army 2,200 - 2,599 Kills Achieved by 5 (1,79%) Players Warrant Officer 1 2,600 - 2,999 Kills Achieved by 8 (2,87%) Players Chief Warrant Officer 2 3,000 - 3,399 Kills Achieved by 5 (1,79%) Players Chief Warrant Officer 3 3,400 - 3,799 Kills Achieved by 2 (0,72%) Players Chief Warrant Officer 4 3,800 - 4,599 Kills Achieved by 4 (1,43%) Players Chief Warrant Officer 5 4,600 - 5,399 Kills Achieved by 6 (2,15%) Players Second Lieutenant 5,400 - 6,199 Kills Achieved by 8 (2,87%) Players First Lieutenant 6,200 - 6,999 Kills Achieved by 6 (2,15%) Players Captain 7,000 - 7,799 Kills Achieved by 2 (0,72%) Players Major 7,800 - 9,399 Kills Achieved by 6 (2,15%) Players Lieutenant Colonel 9,400 - 10,999 Kills Achieved by 6 (2,15%) Players Colonel 11,000 - 12,599 Kills No Players Brigadier General 12,600 - 14,199 Kills Achieved by 1 (0,36%) Players Major General 14,200 - 15,799 Kills Achieved by 1 (0,36%) Players Lieutenant General 15,800 - 19,999 Kills Achieved by 4 (1,43%) Players General 20,000 - 29,999 Kills Achieved by 5 (1,79%) Players General of the Army Over 29,999 Kills Achieved by 3 (1,08%) Players - Ribbons store kill counts on specific weapons with a Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiered ranking system, meaning there's a ribbon for every weapon, knife, and grenade. - View Ribbons here. - View an example of ribbons here: - Actions count every action done in the game like kills, assists, and kill streaks. The cool part is the different types of kill streaks, with the highest kill streak being God Like at 14 kills in one round. - View Actions here. Next we can briefly talk about Maps, Weapons, Activity, Servers, and Teams. - Maps show all the maps played on the server with their statistics ordered by playtime. For example, ba_jail_electric_razor_go is our most played map with 134 days of playtime and over 823,000 kills. - View Maps here. - Weapons display the statistics for each weapon and the person with the most kills with that weapon (Similar to Ribbons). - View Weapons here. - Teams display the statistics for for each team and the highest ranking players of all time for those teams, @Military_kingbeing the best ranked Guard and @chybeing the best ranked Prisoner. - View Teams here. - Activity is displayed through the Green-Red bar displaying day-to-day activity. The higher and fuller the bar, the more active you are. You can find this bar on a lot of different pages throughout the Stats Page. - View Activity anywhere on the Stats Page - Servers refers to the active server, the people online, trends with population and maps, and brief statistics on the players online. - View Servers here. Finally, we're going to talk about the Player specific page. - Your Player page displays all of your statistics and important information needed. It shows your Player Information, Statistics Summary, Miscellaneous Summary, Player Trend, Rank and Career, Ribbons, Forum Signature, Player Aliases, Team/Role Statistics, Player Actions, Map Performance, Sessions and Player History, and Weapon Usage. - The Player page can also serve as a ranking for the top players across all teams - Something to note about this page is that if a player is logged off for an extended period of time their name will not show up under Players as a top ranked Player. In order for them to refresh the feed they must log into the server. - Your Forum Signature can be a brief view of your Player Profile and statistics. You can choose from different styles, backgrounds, and sizes. View Forum Signatures underneath your Players profile and scroll until you find "Forum Signature" and either click on "Preview of all available Forum Signatures" or here and insert your Player ID into the link after the last /. Forum Signatures also double as a hyperlink that can take you directly to your Player Profile. - When implementing your Forums Signature click on the down arrow next to your name in the top right of the screen, click on "Account Settings", go to "Signature", and then paste the text provided by GameMe into their and click "Save". - View some examples here: - View Players here.
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    What the: but does this work or no
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    Another test but then if we do this Does it work?
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    so i wanted to vtest sdfsd does this okr does this work
  7. Meeting Notes for anyone who missed it:
  8. Why'd you break Desperados?????

  9. TheZZL

    Time Travel

    Do you mean you could "predict" that that could happen, or that you could prove time travel that way? That's just creating your future, technically, which we all do everyday through appointments or behaviors. I've always thought of Time Travel as this sort of Highway, with exits and roads leading away from the highway, but all the roads lead to the end of the highway eventually (some big, unavoidable event for all "timelines").
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    I think he's referring to the Chickens in CS:GO, there's probably a plugin for this somewhere.
  11. TheZZL

    Jb t menu

    I disagree, and the Jihad is still a really good weapon. Having most of the Prisoners each throwing Flashes and smokes every round will get really annoying fast, and would just turn it into who can out utility the other. I'm now not in favor of this idea, as I explained previously, because there's no big use for it. The system of buying a Jihad is pretty balanced imo, and I'd only be in favor of a Prisoner Commissary (Menu) if we integrated Gangs with it as well; Spend points to create a gang, buy gang buffs, and buy gang cosmetics. Well the Guards get help because it's in the nature of our server for them to be disadvantaged, Prisoners will always have the numbers, capability to play recklessly, and secrets at their disposal.
  12. TheZZL

    Jb t menu

    I had a little bit of an extended discussion with you in-game, so I'll leave the summary here. I was thinking how HellsGamers/GFL Jailbreak has their Reputation system, and for those of you who don't know you gain "Reputation" by clicking E on colored medi-shots and "contraband" laid out through the map. This reputation can be used for a number of things, but most notable it is for creating gangs and firing the warden. It would also fit into the lore of a Prison a bit, as you have the commissary/shady trades between Prisoners. I was thinking this could be used on our server, and have the "Contraband" (or whatever the credits are named) purchase the Jihad, Tac grenades, and more new items from a T menu. Obviously this credit would need to be hard to obtain because it can purchase the Jihad, but I believe we could find a balance. The only issue I find is what would be the point of a T-Menu/Shop where you can only buy one-three things? It doesn't provide much for the work required, when we already have a system to buy a Jihad and an addition like this would probably buff the Ts.
  13. This map was very recently requested, and was rejected on the fact that it is very large, unforgiving for CTs that lose inmates, and would not fit our server very well. Thanks for the suggestion though, being marked Rejected.
  14. It's kind of obvious to see good guy vs. bad guy and to understand some of the tech/information without watching the other Star Wars movies, so yeah you should be fine.