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  1. You've just responded to a three page thread about the change you're talking about, please do a little bit of reading: Not only do you have BOARD MEMBERS flat out telling you the reason why, there's discussion from said higher staff and regulars on this topic. Just...
  2. Answered here: "Actively knife the ground" and "Knife the ground" are two distinct orders, one is ordering you to continuously do an action while the latter says to do a singular action. To actively be doing an action is not implied, however you should do the order as stated. General good practice is go be as clear as you can be with your order, so if it means blatantly saying what you want them to do you should be doing that.
  3. ZZL Why are you so short

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    We discussed it, and moving the healthboost to the front page would basically replicate a bind, which is not something we want. The current order of the Buy Menu is alphabetical, and it's fine how it is. You're not meant to lean on the healthboost as a crutch during fights, you should ideally be using it before/after the fact, but what the developer intends doesn't always match with what the user does. As for a T Menu/buyables, not happening, read the linked post in my previous response here.
  5. 2/27/21 Small changelog for today, Balance changes to jb_quake_a04d to make the map bearable for the Guards Removed the Bizon near Surf Replaced the M4A4 by the water with a Deagle Made the breakable secret near Deathrun stronger, meaning it'll take longer to break from now on Added a chat & name filter for obscene racial slurs It'll replace these slurs with [Bad Word], if you see any mistakes with this please leave us a Bug Report!
  6. Rain, cmon. Should've just called up @Greggy G
  7. Hell yeah! Cool rewards BR, thanks Oh and uh...
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    Happy Birthday SG!

    Steam-Gamers' Birthday! Established February 26th 2007
  9. This I normally also look in chat from time to time, and it will tell you if you're Innocent or Traitor. I find it hard to get the colors or letters confused. Just... use your eyes.


    If ZZL = [Retarded]

       then Dom > ZZL 




  11. The rules clearly state, When taking the First Order Guards must give their order, and that's it. Admins will usually let players get away with talking as long as they're giving an order and being clear. Taking !fo to shit-talk and not give orders is not allowed. As for increasing/decreasing !fo time, once there are 30 players online !fo extends to 45 seconds instead of 30. Decreasing !fo time, like others mentioned, is just another slight nerf to CTs. When you take the First Order you can lead the round, and extend your one order into the next couple of minutes depending on how you use your time and speak. I suggest anyone that takes First Order understand you're shaping how the round turns out and leading it, so if you need guards in a position to support the order you're about to give, ask them to get situated in a spot that convenient for you and the order. We will not entertain the idea of allowing Guards to not give warning shots during First Order, as it's not only confusing but also can open up more conflict and problems. Thanks for the suggestion, i'll leave the thread open in case you or anyone else wants to respond.
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    !Lr v2

    The LR Plugin was initially meant to be updated in the fall, but we got sidetracked with other projects so we put a pause on it. We've gratefully asked @Cept For Her to continue working on it again, and the new version will include bug fixes, new LRs, and general improvements. If you have any ideas feel free to put them here, but we've got a decent number of new LRs coming. I can't tell you when it's coming as that's up to Cept and his busy schedule, but expect it in the next couple of months? Cept what you think.