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  1. Explained above, a T menu is unnecessary and would be mostly pointless because there is only one thing Prisoners can buy. Rejected, thanks for the idea though.
  2. This event was actually super fun, even with the lag. Shoutout to the server managers and @Reid99.
  3. @n!Would be right here. We are doing an event soon where a version of this map would be played, but before it gets added to the map pool (If the reception during the event is positive) we would want an optimized and bug free version of this map on the servers. We will look into having someone on the modding team possibly give it a shot, no promises though. The map was removed last summer for being buggy (and having a terrible history of bugs) and killing server population. If we get good reception at the event, we will start efforts on trying to bring the map back to you guys.
  4. The event is about wrapping up, thank you to everyone who showed up! I expected low turnouts, but we did very well with being over 25 people the entire event and being above 30 for a good portion of the event! Remember, if you have a Map or JB Event Suggestion to make them. It never hurts to tell people your ideas and opinions, and maybe they're good too!
  5. By the request of the players we are playing one final map, jb_clouds_sg ! Get online!!
  6. There are some posts I miss, but if I really feel like I haven't seen some posts you can click on the little newspaper icon and "Unread Content" at the top right of the page and it reads similarly to the old forums.
  7. Everything seems to be sorted here. For future reference if you go to the Premium Supporter or Elite Supported sections you can click on the pinned post and request a custom user title.
  8. Vs. I don't see it idk, their only similarities are the moustaches.
  9. Stop looking in the Event Coordinators subforum Look out for this event next week.
  10. Could've been Friday's With Chad...
  11. Thanks to the wonderful Events Coordinators and @Easterpink this event is coming soon. Depending on how the chosen maps do in the event, they might be added back to the server. Make sure to come around to the event (December 4th) and hear @daftycomplain about his frame drops. Jailbreak Event Suggestions Jailbreak Steam Group Map Suggestion/Removal Section I'll keep the thread open for people to suggest maps for the event.
  12. It's great to see the excitment this thread brought to many, but just remember if you want a map added to the map pool make a Map Suggestion thread.