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  1. Notes: Video: Community Meeting 6/18/22 New Ranks Server Representatives, coming soon? No timeline provided CAs will be turned into a “Council of Community Members” similar to how GFL functions Monthly meetings with the BDs Less server focus Public meetings that anyone can listen in on Election system to allow the community to have a voice in things Servers ZE Server is being scrapped officially but will stay available for events The NA Community Server scene is not as healthy as it used to be We want to maintain JB, TTT, Movement servers Thinking about consolidating down to one dedi to save money Squad 3.0 Update coming out next week, which will bring some stimulus to the server’s population New Admin Application System Switching to server specific admins to encourage players to apply from servers outside the big ones or from our Movement servers Restructuring Events Team Only mentioned Twitch/Streaming Streaming Events brings more views There are no streamers to do any of this Uploading streaming clips to youtube/TikTok This was spoken on ages ago, never happened as Error has been away Returning Staff Old community members that return are often asked to come back as staff or are given staff if they ask for it Looking for more staff members with nuanced or novel perspectives Actually Pushing Out Projects Title Doubling Down on CS? - Fantastic Should not double down on CS, shut down dedis, and focus on Squad A focus outside of CS, or on games that don’t have community servers, is where most people are gaming today Conclusion Consolidate servers to 1 dedi Release Server Representatives that can also be representatives for non-community server based games Work on getting the community focused on just gaming, doesn’t have to be on a game that has community servers
  2. Bondairy/TheDon/JMC has been banned for six months for his continuous trolling behavior and for the fact he made a second forums account to shitpost across the forums.
  3. It's been reversed to read & record only. We already have an automod system in place, Discord just came out with this new version in BETA. You crack fiends are now allowed to curse again. Err.. I mean... Feellow AMERICAN We have restored your FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH after killing off those bastard commies that dared take it away. Please continue doing your civic duty and reporting any sightings of those smug RED COMMIES ( @SilentGuns)
  4. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    May 1st 2022 Roles Consolidated #game-roles to be in #roles along with all the other roles Categories Replaced the [Fortnite] Category with a [Valorant] Category #fortnite-chat has been moved back to the [Games] Category and can be obtained by grabbing the @Fortnite role from the #roles channel Added a [Casual] Category Shuffled a few channels around along with this change Channels Added more emojis to channel names Added an #introductions channel for new members (Will be re-added soon) Added a Custom Starboard within #starboard
  5. Wow, what a tournament! It was crazy, there were about three dozen people running around this amazing map and our friend @Steel_ managed to come out on top. Good work to the top three winners! 1st Place: @Steel_ 2nd Place: @Fl1ck 3rd Place: @Time Fl1ck decided to give his battlepass prize to Time in exchange for Steel's Item Shop Item, who received Time's Deagle! Thanks @john jones for setting up the event, and to all the participants who showed up!
  6. Event starting! Even if you didn't sign up and want to participate, join the channel in the Discord and we'll make room for you.
  7. @case @Steperd@Che@YokiBird@Time@Fl1ck@Steel_ I just sent friend requests, so make sure to add me back before the event starts. If you don't see anything, or for anyone else who wants to participate, you can directly add my Epic: TheZZL We start tonight @ 6:30 PM EST in the Events Voice Channel in the main SG Discord!
  8. In order to save space and not keep unused data for years, after 30 days your !ws data is deleted. We do this on all of our CS:GO servers.
  9. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    February 8th 2022 Categories Added Four New Game Categories Fortnite CS:GO Escape From Tarkov Destiny 2 All of these categories can be unlocked by going to the game channel's name and reacting to gain the game role All of these channels have their own LFG chats, voice channels, and game chats Channels Added emojis behind the name of certain channel names
  10. 2/5/22 At long last, introducing Last Requests V3.0 ! A very very big shoutout goes to @20 scrolls who worked tirelessly over the summer and during the fall on custom coding every single aspect of this new plugin. Everyone, please, give @20 scrolls a big thank you and kiss next time you see him. We should also give a thank you to @Cept For Her, the original coder for this plugin over a year ago. He first made our own custom SG LR Plugin back when we were using the super buggy standard version. Thank you too, Cept. New LRs Dodgbeball LR with Custom Dodgeballs Push the Button ( 3 Levels) Grenade Battle Tag Custom LRs Bhop Count Race New LR Features Gun Toss Distance Calculator Quality of Life Additions !rpsmenu and !ptbmenu can now be used to re-open the LR window if interrupted/closed Admins (and Managers) have an improved admin log Fixed miscellaneous bugs with Gun Toss, Knife Fight, and more Fixed an issue with the LR Sprite sign giving players outside the LR x-ray Fixed miscellaneous grammar and spelling issues Edited the LR message line to advertise how to LR If you encounter any new bugs with this update, please comment them using the format provided in this thread here: Fixed an issue with jb_neon_v1_4 not appearing in the map pool @RemixedPixel Removed Christmas maps and features from the last event
  11. Please use the following format to report any bugs you encounter with the new LR plugin. Video recordings are preferred
  12. Yeah... what he said! I would also recommend checking out a few more definitions/explanations here, as they'll help you understand how logic can be used as well (For example, if you give one prisoner a freeday, and absolutely know all other prisoners have been in your line of sight the whole rest of the round, and that one prisoner comes back with a secret like maggie from jb_arcade- you can deduce they are KOS as they were definitely the one who did that secret, given no guards did it).
  13. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    January 31st 2022 Categories Split the [Information] Category and added an [Announcements] Category Channels Added a #pets and #arts and nature channel Consolodated the #information #rules and #partners channels into one channel called #rules-and-info Roles Added Role Dividers Removed Seeder Roles Updated #game-roles and #roles with new Buttons Added a Youtube Role obtainable in #roles for future use Some new additions will be coming soon, be on the look out for them!
  14. Will change the plugin to print these notices client-side only from now on, unless anyone thinks there's any merit to leaving it how it is.