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    It was removed because we found that after implementing it, it wasn't really all that cool or necessary.
  2. Top 3 Gangs First Place: justplayingjb: @oSen, @janseen, @Paige, @Easterpink, and @dvd. Second Place: Chadseen: @Steperd, @PRINCEB, @DabOfGravy, @carrollton, and NumberZzz Third Place: Jgang: @Jackson, @Byte, and pib. Top 3 Guards First Place: Lieutenant @AYDOUGH2 with 2510 minutes Second Place: Lieutenant @RSG with 1987 minutes Third Place: Lieutenant @POJAY with 1832 minutes Sorry it took so long! Credits will be given out earlier than models & skin prizes, as I need to wait for the items trade ban to expire & we need the Gang Leader & Top CT to send us their models. As for beta testing, @20 scrolls is getting finished with one more LR and then we'll have enough to show the lucky winners!
  3. The winners have been recorded and will be announced later tonight!
  4. Tomorrow is the last day of the event! Be sure to log on and put in a final push for rewards!
  5. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    August 30th 2021 Bots Kicked Groovy Bot Re-added MEE6 to replace Groovy's music player. We may also add leveling systems in the future Moved a lot of functionality from Auttaja and CarlBot to Dyno Bot to consolidate our Bot since their features overlap and Dyno is better Removed Privatus Bot Custom Bot Added the brand new [SG] Private Voice Bot courtesy of @Acer This new Bot comes with a load of new features including whitelists, auto-locking channels, bug fixes, and more! Check out the full commands here, or in the pinned messages of the #commands channel. Verification Re-did our Verification methods for the Discord once again This time we're having the ultimate balance of a Bot/Scam-Free Discord along with the ease of accessibility of new members to encourage growth. New members get a nice welcome message in #welcome and are then prompted to agree to our rules in #verification to gain access to the rest of the server We've utilized Discord's Membership Screening along with this custom verification method to make sure our community members are not the victims of scam attacks Punishment Protocol & Appeals A new punishment protocol is now officially in effect mirroring our in-game server ban protocol. Punished players can also access an #appeal channel where they are prompted to make a ban appeal on the forums if they are muted and would like to contest their punishment Discord Partnerships Launched a new #partners channel within the [Information] Category This channel will be used to plug our partners discords and contact information, more news and partners to come soon!
  6. TheZZL


    Gentlemen there's a lot of words in this topic here but I'll slim an official response down. We can easily add a command like "!warden" and then a response is given in chat, that's basic sourcepawn (CS:GO coding). If you've typed a command like !apply or !donate in the past you'll see we actually already have a plugin like this on the server. However, there's really no need for it. We're generally notorious for being that one Jailbreak server without a warden, but regardless there's plenty of hints for people to see there's no warden. In-game chatter beside, we advertise !info and !faq commands where we let them get the run-down of our rules and actually have an explicit section in !faq dedicated to newer players and the topic of there being a warden; This section also addresses other common rules on other Jailbreak servers that we don't allow here. We already have a lot of chat advertisements, and at that point certain adverts towards the end of the list will never be seen in-game if you put too many. Advertising !info and !faq is better than individually advertising the rules, as we have a giant catalog there and as well as here on the forums. Human interaction is always better than a dull page of text however, so consider just talking to them in-game and answering their questions rather than shoving a bind to read the rules in their face. Edit: After pestering from @The Real Slim Jim we can discuss adding !w and !warden as supplementary chat responder commands to say there are no wardens...
  7. hahahha banned fucking idiot

    1. 20 scrolls

      20 scrolls

      You're on my list.

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    The shop plugin JB and every over SG server uses does not offer support for hand models, while ZE's plugin does. This can be looked into in the future but is not a priority nor that important.
  9. What would we "fix"? We're getting rid of bugs and adding features
  10. Yup! As announced in the Gang Wars & CT Rank Race Event Topic, the 2nd place winners will be able to beta test the new plugin while we're done finishing it. As I told @20 scrolls I want to try and get the plugin done within a month, the old deadline was the end of August but I was away for a week and sick for about 2.5.
  11. This is coming! As a mini update @20 scrolls and I (really me, dude I've been doing all the coding!) have been working really hard on the new plugin, and as of right now we've got 5 new LRs coming with changes to practically every other LR. We're not quite done, and we've got a couple more LRs to add hopefully. Dolo words his response quite well to this topic. Last Requests are a function to end the round and get started on something better. You get killed for finishing your LR because if you've won the LR in one way or another you have killed a Guard, making you KOS. Suggestions to change the LR system are not going to happen as this is a good way to make sure rounds don't go on for too long and people don't get bored and disconnect. yah, this!
  12. TheZZL

    new models

    Never Just kidding, refer to this thread for the hint:
  13. This is a seperate issue that's been on the server for a while that needs some dedicated time to be fixed, so we'll try to look into that soon. As for the Pink Panther model, it's been broken for a long time. I'll be looking into getting a model update soon, but don't get your hopes too high for this. As always thanks for the report.
  14. Hey bob! Thanks for keeping me on track with the player models, and I can confidently tell you they are being added later tonight! Hint? Super Heroes and Valorant As for events, we're brewing up a crazy idea right now but are hoping to get back with some events soon. In the meantime if you have any event suggestions please feel free to leave one in the Event Suggestions Subforum.