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  1. Does this include the Discord Team? Any aspirations to grow the discord will be stunted without the proper team in place. Discord itself will not recognize out server for any partnerships, programs, or benefits as a "Community Server" if we don't have a moderation team.
  2. @All Ts Yes, our economic system is flawed because it requires us to intervene in order to save the lives and wellbeing of our citizens. I don't think you'll find an economic system that would ever work perfectly, because if it's happening on Earth greedy humans will find a way to abuse it. I heard a quote recently I quite like, "There's two ways to progress, either by stepping over one another or helping each other up" - Something like that, said by someone, in some time before today.
  3. Agreed. I think it's okay to keep calling the Fiscal Policy (as defined by Aster) Keynesian economics capitalistic, as it just puts more money into the hands of the rich and greedy that likely put their own business/livelihood on the line for the sake of more profit (See... 2008). Capitalism is forged through the brass of exploitation and greed, so you can keep calling it capitalism. All I could think about today while reading the OP at work, thank you. Edit: Also, this video was coincidentally uploaded the same day this post was made,
  4. To @Poke, This was mentioned in a staff level discussion about ~6 months ago when we were discussing whether CAs should be getting supporter perks. The conclusion was it was automatically given to SM+ as they have (essentially) root perms in-game which gave them supporter benefits as well as it was a perk of the "job". Giving Supporter Benefits away to a larger group of people for free doesn't make sense if these perks are intentionally reserved in the Discord for some sort of monetary compensation that the HG/VT/LG's could purchase themselves (Or boost the server). Albeit, currently Legend does have gif/embed abelites in #general chat because after @John he needed to be able to shitpost. Going back to my old argument, giving more people embed/gif perms just floods #general chat. When @Phoenix_ boosted the server I just saw #general with random images/gifs that imo were stupid. Second however, I'm open to giving away these perms based upon the breakdown you put into your post. At this point, you guys have asked for it so much, and now that more of you are HG/VT you'll just be bugging me more for these permissions To @Caution, Like no, please. We've had a whole debacle about this two years ago, no? The currently setup of HG/VT/LG makes sense and is fine. I read your message in two ways 1. If you mean removing all recognition ranks and just having a rank for players and one for retired staff, that's really lame. 2. If you mean giving all stepped down people a "Retired Admin" Role, it's just more work for something no one's asked for, no? A complaint in the second to last community meeting was coming up with ideas/brainstorming topics that had no relation to the health/success of the community. I would say this falls under that. How I see the current recognition system operating: HG -> Any regular player that's cool, or for the most part most people CA and below VT -> SM+, Managers, CAs/Multiple rank holders that did a lot of work (arbitrary of course) LG -> BD, Longtime Senior Staff, TM Edit: Hi Phoenix, Hi John, I know by pinging you I invited you into the conversation possibly. By all means please provide any input/feedback. Just want to let you guys know there's no beef I just wanted to use examples.
  5. This feels weird. I felt this coming but at the same time I wished you would never leave staff so you could always be around, no matter how involved I was at the community. Clearly and obviously, through pain and anguish, you've changed me in ways I believe people like @Dominic, @fantastic, and @delirium have. You all have had massive impacts on myself as a person- indirectly or directly. Now, you're all pretty much gone or we don't interact much with each other. I'm starting a new chapter of my life by starting college in a month and so are you. Am I glad to have known you? Of course, and I wouldn't trade our relationship and times spent in meetings for anything in the world. I don't quite yet know how you've impacted me, @BoM, as it's far more recent than @delirium's impact on me that was really from 2018-2020. You've been back at this place since right before I became and admin, supported me on my admin application, very likely helped me get CA and SM, and got me as far as IAO and Discord Manager, the ranks I hold today. For the most part, you did all those things without me knowing, and I never was able to directly thank you for them. I will miss you dearly as I slowly begin to recognize how you helped shape me into the person I am today. Thank you for everything, and as the community we owe you everything for all the work you've done and all the efforts only a handful of people have seen. Please, have a restful "retirement" and stop by the Discord every once in a while to catch up.
  6. Was the meeting only 20 minutes long? Anyone got notes?
  7. July 12th 2022 Game Chats Game Chats no longer require roles and can now be seen in the form of threads by everyone. Request a game channel that's not there yet in the #suggestions channel ! Channels Added the #hunger-games channel that operates every Friday by @Acer Archived the #wordle channel
  8. If you'd like to live in a backwards traditionalist society and stay in the past while the rest of the human race advances, by all means do, but don't slow down the rest of our societal and social progress with your crap. If you're fine with your children seeing heterosexual couples kiss and be intimate, but are deeply offended, dissatisfied, or even uncomfortable by a one second peck between a homosexual couple, you are a bad parent and an even worse person. Yes, it's personal belief, but it's a personal belief rooted in hatred and unwillingness to want all people to live comfortably in their own, real, identities. Also fun fact, the link you threw down (from 2016) in your post to uphold the fact that there are mental health benefits of religion majorly cites "research" (from 2013) that has been retracted by the National Institutes of Health due to plagiarism. If only you read past the abstract that fed your confirmation bias: If you require religion to uplift your mental health and are willing to barter being bigoted towards others to be mentally healthy yourself (your words), we are doing something collectively (more-so certain groups of people, but I'll use the word collectively for now) wrong as a society- maybe it has something to do with all that bigotry? Nah, it's got to be all those gay people!!!!
  9. Notes: Video: Community Meeting 6/18/22 New Ranks Server Representatives, coming soon? No timeline provided CAs will be turned into a “Council of Community Members” similar to how GFL functions Monthly meetings with the BDs Less server focus Public meetings that anyone can listen in on Election system to allow the community to have a voice in things Servers ZE Server is being scrapped officially but will stay available for events The NA Community Server scene is not as healthy as it used to be We want to maintain JB, TTT, Movement servers Thinking about consolidating down to one dedi to save money Squad 3.0 Update coming out next week, which will bring some stimulus to the server’s population New Admin Application System Switching to server specific admins to encourage players to apply from servers outside the big ones or from our Movement servers Restructuring Events Team Only mentioned Twitch/Streaming Streaming Events brings more views There are no streamers to do any of this Uploading streaming clips to youtube/TikTok This was spoken on ages ago, never happened as Error has been away Returning Staff Old community members that return are often asked to come back as staff or are given staff if they ask for it Looking for more staff members with nuanced or novel perspectives Actually Pushing Out Projects Title Doubling Down on CS? - Fantastic Should not double down on CS, shut down dedis, and focus on Squad A focus outside of CS, or on games that don’t have community servers, is where most people are gaming today Conclusion Consolidate servers to 1 dedi Release Server Representatives that can also be representatives for non-community server based games Work on getting the community focused on just gaming, doesn’t have to be on a game that has community servers
  10. first. Shoutout, the ultimate bud. You weren't really around much as a BD but when you were CA/LA/SM it was an absolute pleasure. I still remember that night we hopped on CS:S ZM, wild times. Best of luck in your future endeavors.