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How to: Defragment [Defrag for n00bs]

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Hi There,


This is a basic guide for everyone, to help their computer run better.


What is Defragmenting?


Over time and with regular use, files and folders on your computer's hard drive break down or become fragmented. This can cause your system to run more slowly and to experience processing problems. Defragmenting your computer generally improves retrieval time and overall performance.



Please log into an Administrator account.


Windows Defragmentation Tool


To open Defrag, either:


1. Click Start → Right click My Computer → Manage then under the storage tab click "Disk Defragmenter"


2. Click Start → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools → Disk Defragmentor


You should have something on your monitor that looks like this:




if you have more than 1 Partition on your drive like i do, it will show both click the one you want to defragment, then click "Analyze"


Once it's done analyzing, it should show this:




Click Defragment


Your monitor should be showing something similar to this:




Note: Defragmenting you computer can take from 2minutes up to and over 4hours, I suggest leaving it on overnight to do this.


When your defragmentation is done, it should show the following message:




Either click close or view the report file to see what the defragment has done, you can print or save this if you wish to.


Hope this helps some people!



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Lol I see that is is the old XP defragmentor. It works but it is best to buy the programs like diskeeper because it is so much better than the one that comes with the system.

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People that don't know how to defrag shouldn't touch "Run" with a stick, for fear they may reformat their entire HDD.


Also for the time being don't buy 1TB+ HDDs, they have a horrible survival rate even out of the box during formating.

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