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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Building Competition

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Building Competition


With the recent release of the
, there has been a new mode released with the update, called

What is Stage Builder?


Stage Builder is a mode that lets you build your own Super Smash Bros Stage. You can freely draw the stage, place platforms, move/spin platforms, make multiple layers, and do so much more. Another huge bonus is that you can share the stages online so other people can play the stage itself.

How would the event run?


The people participating in the event would make their stage and share it, the judges picked by the person running the event would judge the stage on how it plays, how it looks, and the creativity of the stage itself. The best stage out of all of the rest wins. May the best stage win!


Would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts, suggestions, or criticism on the event suggestion


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