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  1. On the suggestion thread I didn’t know what the reworked T menu had in it after poke said it was busted, so once i asked him about it while I joined the server I was stunned. Giving a random player a pistol at the start of the round is insane. There are already free guns that prisoners get at the start of the map, and there are even better guns hidden around that you have to go through kos areas to even have a chance of getting. Allowing a prisoner free gun gives like 3 people with pistols to unload on unlucky CTs literally right when the round starts is stupid. Not only will the CTs have to worry about what I just said, they will most likely be preoccupied with giving orders, keeping track of the prisoners, or trying to catch the other prisoners who used the secrets in those cells. When I played with this menu being in affect as a CT, almost every single round collapsed as soon as the cell doors opened and it led to a very unfun experience playing JB where the map finished with the guards winning barely a fraction of the rounds. This is not even mentioning the fact that literally nobody wants to play CT to the point where IIRC there was a discussion on trying to incentivize playing on CT because there was like a 3 to 20 disparity between the teams, and it feels like that this is a giant step in the wrong direction when it comes to that. JB is the only server I like and it sucks to say that it literally feels unplayable playing as my preferred role.
  2. I think he doesn't want other people using it, not just him
  3. just take the L already lil bro..
  4. First of all I am 15 years old, second I do have a right to speak my mind on this server, and if your going to be upset about me using irony you're stupid. If you are that dumb to know it was not a joke I don't even think you're at a mental age to be speaking about this my friend. Also I am in the top 100 in my state for speech and debate. Which is why I feel I can talk about these things. So don't come at me acting you have more knowledge in these things. So maybe go and read some more vice and cnn acting like you're superior. Go read buzzfeed and "act" like you have knowledge in these sort of things. Pick up a news paper and educate yourself prick.

  5. I want game 2 on this team, im a spike rush demon @kabLe just so you know
  6. I don't play TTT, but the weekly events are not a bad idea at all and were even attempted; they keep things fresh, and there is stuff to do every week, and it seems like a good idea for any server we have. I think if there is another go, ET has to be serious about it this time. The events team promoted some people to make events for the server specifically, and hardly any were being made by them (whether it be some IRL stuff or just lack of motivation cause of the server population) and the only people carrying the load were the SMs and that's a lot less people working as intended. I think for it to work, I think CAs especially should be involved in the process for it to keep the train running and have a successful 2nd attempt at it IMO.