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    Valorant Scrim 5

    I want game 2 on this team, im a spike rush demon @kabLe just so you know
  2. I don't play TTT, but the weekly events are not a bad idea at all and were even attempted; they keep things fresh, and there is stuff to do every week, and it seems like a good idea for any server we have. I think if there is another go, ET has to be serious about it this time. The events team promoted some people to make events for the server specifically, and hardly any were being made by them (whether it be some IRL stuff or just lack of motivation cause of the server population) and the only people carrying the load were the SMs and that's a lot less people working as intended. I think for it to work, I think CAs especially should be involved in the process for it to keep the train running and have a successful 2nd attempt at it IMO.
  3. Weekly Scheduled Scrim Event 2/6 shoutout @Nate.for the banner This event will be scheduled every weekend, and each game will be streamed. We plan to have casters for matches played. We're Back!!! A NEW YEAR MEANS A WHOLE BUNCH MORE OF WEEKLY SCHEDULED SCRIMS TO PLAY ON THE TWITCH!! We haven't had one of these in a month since we had the wingman tournament on the server that we also streamed We are going to have these scrims at the same exact time on the same exact day of the week every week! What to expect? Sup gamers of the steam. We are back at it with another weekly scheduled scrim with your favorite! With this being streamed on twitch, keep in mind to be within the ToS parameters so please keep that in mind, If you want to cast just send me a message and if I like you, you can cast with me. Where? SG Scrim server: connect; password scrimsg I WILL ALSO BE STREAMING THE GAME @ When? 2/6 Sunday Starting at 4:00 pm EST
  4. Hey guys sorry for the delay, I wanted to make this post after everyone got their prizes. Now Without Further ado here is the wrapup! FINAL BRACKET THE WINNERS these contestants have gotten their prizes THE MVP PRIZE IN CASE ANY FORGOT THE PERSON WHO PERFORMED THE BEST IN THIS TOURNAMENT WOULD GET THIS MVP Prize: You will get a knife and glove combo of: and (factory new) (battle-scarred) THE WINNER OF THE MVP PRIZE IS @duffy IN JUST 5 GAMES HE HAD NOT LOST ONCE DROPPING 99 Kills and 16 Assists. Only dying 45 times in the process. With a K/D ratio of 2.2 This award was very hard to choose cause there were a lot of people who played out of their minds and sadly there can only be one winner. This performance with the short amount of games he played compared to the other contenders was unreal. Once again thank you to everyone who signed and showed up for the tournament, I hope you guys had fun this holiday season, and make sure to look forward to the next one. It's gonna be really hard to one-up the prizes next time but I'll try my best.
  5. Pumpkin Hut by Strayyz (here is the file to download: (this a gif btw) Video Tour Materials Used: -Jack o' Lantern -Carved Pumpkin -Pumpkin -Acacia Fence -Ladder -Water -Oak Sign -Cut Red Sandstone Slab -Red Sandstone Stairs -Acacia Trapdoor