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Ct bans on jb server

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I feel as if you should make a command that shows you how long your ct ban is not saying i have ever got a ct ban but there was a guy in the server asking how long his ban was for and he asked me how long it was for and i said im not admin i wouldnt know so i wanted to make this post it could be really helpful for players to know how long there ct ban will be

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I'm pretty sure this is already functional on the server I just don't know the command. @Fuze @Dominic


Are you referring to CT band in general or the ability to check the remaining time left before your unbanned? Also, I think this would be a good idea as it would give a player a general scope of how long they are banned for and minimize confusion. You could also mention ingame that CT bans don’t end after x amount of hours, instead it is ends after a player has the sufficient amount of hours.

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For the time being, you can ask an admin to check the status of your CT ban. However, the Jail Break staff has something in the works to allow some transparency for players to be able to see the details of their ban from CT.


Thanks for the suggestion, @Night Light!

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