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In an effort to allow for more transparency and advertisement of our events, the team and I decided that a Steam group would be a good start. We plan on using this group regularly to inform all of those who are in it about the details and status of any upcoming events. I would like to give everyone a heads up that this Steam group in particular may cause for more notifications to pop up for you, so be cognizant of that before and after you join. For those who would like to join however, I will leave a link to the group below. I also would like to thank @Cept For Her for being a bro and writing up the description for the group as well as @tana for the creation of the avatar!



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This is no longer being used in order to prioritize our main SG Steam Group, found here https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamGamers.  Events will still be announced in their usual locations, like the Upcoming Events widget or the Events Forum, but we will also announce events on the main SG Steam Group as well. Make sure you've joined the group, and happy gaming!

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