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    Hey Greggy.

    hey @Greggy G
  2. hello brockery


  3. Bacon

    osu! Event

    Oh god i regret promoting you now...
  4. I've have only thrown 3 times you're at like 10
  5. Thank you for your service here, Bacon o7

  6. I originally didn’t want to make this post and just step down but I’ve decided otherwise. It’s been a long road from when I came back to playing in this community in august of 2018 and ever since I’ve been actively helping this community and striving to make it better. I think that my time here has come to an end in a staff position, it is time for me to just sit back, play some games and focus on my life outside of the internet a bit more. I am very grateful for all the people I have met here. You all were amazing and I thank you guys for the fun and good times we had. I’m gonna give a special thanks to @duffy @Kopsta @Infinityward @nesquik @Dong @Strayyz @Noxstar @Cody. and @Greggy G in no particular order for being real homies. You guys are funny as fuck and great people and i’m glad i got to play with y’all a lot. We had a lot of fun but unfortunately it is my time to step down and move on. I will still be somewhat around so i am not fully leaving but i will no longer be in any staff rank. You might catch me in discord a little bit. @Trazz How's it going man? @Cooking. Let’s play some fall guys. Take care people of Steam Gamers.
  7. Congrats all of you.
  8. I’m reading your visitor message history and it’s kinda GEI.

    Kenyy’s weird.

  9. Event is over! Thank you to everyone who participated! I just ran the raffle and congrats to @Vanya for winning Doom: Eternal and congrats to @Crow for winning Squad! Please Message @BoM either on the forums or on discord for your prize!
  10. Congrats to @Vanya for winning yesterdays daily challenge. Please message @Black Rain for your prize. SUPRISE 8TH DAY HAS BEEN POSTED!! DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF TICKETS YOU CAN EARN AND YOU CAN PLAY WHATEVER SERVER YOU WANT!!