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  1. Bacon

    Larger gang idea

    Did you read my post at all? Having 15-20 gang slots would somewhat ruin the point of the gang plugin when it was implemented to its fullest. Think about it like this, on an average day there is maybe a consistent 15-20 people on the server. There is probably 10-15 t's and a few ct's. If you are able to have 15-20 t's in a gang then pretty much everyone who plays daily would all be in one gang and the "Gang wars" wouldn't be Gang wars the would be giveaways. If you can have every prisoner on the server in one gang that eliminates the real point of the gangs plugin. I think having a static number of gang members set at 5-10 would be perfect for the state of the server.
  2. Bacon

    Larger gang idea

    I don't like this idea. It would make the gang wars more pay to win plus every gang would just have the owner as a supporter then they would have max slots. I think for where the server is at 10 gang members max would be perfect, I think that anything more than 10, pretty much everyone that plays everyday for hours would all join one gang and no one else would stand a chance. If you could have more than 10 people in a gang you could pretty much have every single prisoner in one gang. I think that there should only be 5-10 people allowed in a gang otherwise we could get the whole server in one gang and that would kind of ruin the point of the gangs plugin and the gang wars events.
  3. Phoenix pretty much hit this right on the dot. The server just isn't getting the pop it needs to have 7 minute round on these big maps. Most of the time when we do play these maps the rounds only last like 2 - 3 minutes anyway and a good chunk of that is because of the ct's playing. I also think that some maps are longer because you can do a lot more in a round than just run around and kill ct's. I always used to love to rebel and kill ct's immediately and still sometimes do but I also like to chill out and play some minigames or death games and not have to worry about the time running out. I 100% agree with this because a lot of the time that we are on bigger maps even maps like clouds where there is a lot to do but the ct's just send you to the same places every round. I think that if ct's were to send the t's to different places every round and not give roughly the same orders then we could potentially keep the 7 minute round times on these maps but I think in this current state it just doesn't work.
  4. Yes some people have big stashes of credits but then again those people have put around 1k hours or even more into the servers. They have grinded and earned the credits. I don't agree with adding a cost to event skins just because some people have a lot. Most people Don't have a lot of credits and are not going to spend 20k on a skin for a month. I don't think that "Trying to lower people's credits" is a good reason as to why you guys added credit cost to event skins. Not a lot of consistent players have a huge stash of credits. Take @d4nkfor example. He has 6 days of playtime on the server, he probably has played most if not all of those six days with elite supporter and yet he still went and bought credits to buy the 20k skin because he probably didn't have enough. If you really want to "Lower people credits" then you should add new items that are worth them buying it. I was going to suggest an idea about making weapon and knife skins usable buy purchasing them with credits but i heard from an unknown source that Liam is not making any more edits to the store plugin.
  5. I'm just trying to understand when and why we switched to making people pay for event skins when we never have before. There were reasons as to why we never made people pay for event skins and those reasons are starting to show through.
  6. I said it last time and I'll say it again. Why are you making the models worth credits when they are for a short period of time, Just make them based off of supporter ranks. @ArcticI don't think you guys realize that for an elite supporter to purchase a 20k credit skin they need to play a total of 2500 minutes (41 hours) on the server just for that one skin that they get to use for a month or even less. Premium supporters have to play a total of 3333 minutes (55 hours) and basic supporters have to play a total of 5000 minutes (83 hours). Personally I would not like to spend 4 whole days on the server just for one skin that I get to use for a month or even less. Most of the skins used are not really used again., the only ones that are 100% used again are the Christmas models and those are free to use. So answer my question again please. Why are you making the models purchasable with credits and not making them free to use for different ranks like we have always done in the past. @Dom @TheZZL
  7. Adding a command to buy a jihad is unnecessary. The menu can be closed at any time and why overcomplicate things that don't need to be changed. Now I been more active recently and jihads are never really used. Maybe once or twice have i actually seen them used. I think that the number of jihads the t's can buy should be increased to two per round. @TheZZL
  8. Great job @Adventist!
  9. Bacon

    Ct playtime change

    That might be one of the dumbest rules ive ever heard... 30 mins is fine just make it to always be enabled. Problem solved
  10. NGL might have been one of the worst events we ever ran on the server. But good luck with it this time hope it does better.
  11. hello brockery


  12. Bacon

    osu! Event

    Oh god i regret promoting you now...
  13. Thank you for your service here, Bacon o7