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Alright so I know the TTT team or afaik TTT Technical team is working on the new forums and I just want to ask if Matchbox is anywhere on the priority list after the forums are done, since I've never seen it used other than Bdcoll and myself. Matchbox within of itself was great imo but I've never seen it in use due to it being probably the most situational cover-up thing you can do while spending 1 credit.


Alright Noxstar, so what do you want?


Make matchbox burn unid'ed bodies further away and make the burning effect shorter. I honestly don't remember if there was a sound but if there is, reduce the noise. If possibly buffing it, burning the gun the body held before he/she died. Not sure if this is possible but I'm giving ideas for it and I want to see if this item is gonna receive the attention it deserves.

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