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on another server I played on there was a system they referred to as demos where it would automatically save the demos for every map, and anyone could download them for 2 months for reports and such. This would be EXTREMELY useful, since you wouldn't have to go through the hassle of recording it yourself in cases of rule breaking, and this would pretty much eliminate admins not being able to do anything because they didn't see it, since it could just be reported extremely easily. Obviously 2 months would be a lot on this server compared to the other one I am referring to since it was a smaller, but a week or 3 days to download it would be sufficient. The way the other server worked was that you would just link the download to the demo in the report along with tick marks of when it happened (accessible through the demo menu while watching demos) and it's super easy and accessible for anyone.


Back to the reasons why this would help even more, recording rule breaking often takes time out of your playtime in the moment that you usually don't want to lose, which is why most people who aren't regulars don't make reports at all. If all you had to do was take 15 minutes out of your day at a different time to find the rule breaking in the demo it would be so much better. Also, shadow play can cause some lag for some people, I usually lose about 20-30 frames when I have shadow play on, and it can make it hard especially on certain laggier maps to play and aim properly, especially on TTT.

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