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  1. surprised no one made the thread but here it is! joesphj biden owned donald trump in the presidential election and now all the trump supporters think that dead people voted for joe biden and that fraud is exclusive to one side of the battle, wanted to make this thread to celebrate joseph's epic vicroy and entertain a discussion in steam gamers forums im impartial guys im canadian dont hate me, hate democracy!
  2. for a population that's fairly young, steam-gamers does seem to have a very vocal alt-right loving, bootlicking, christian conservative base. keep watching them ben shapiro "facts (certainly not faith!)" before feelings videos, embrace your ridiculously incompetent hollywood star of a leader, don't wear a mask, and keep digging down the semantic hole you've all fallen into. if this election and pandemic have proven anything, is that we don't live in the same reality and a good fucking portion of the population is delusional to the point where it's auto-destructive. nobody seems to be looking at any issue pragmatically, but you cover what you say in patriotism, unexcused racism/sexism/xenophobia with "logic" as a reason. its reached the point where nothing will convince you to believe in anything that isn't already drilled in your brain, medias that aren't outright conservative or alt-right become "fake news" and "biased" as opposed to what you get your info from, colleges and universities "convert" students into lefties rather than giving them an education, all while you guys get buried in debts so immense it ruins whatever american dream you believe in so much. some of you are just completely tone-deaf, outrageously blind to what is happening next door, to what some people in your own country (which you're so proud of; the greatest, etc.) are living through and experiencing, to the point where the proud boys aren't considered extremists? now someone like fucking bernie sanders is a "radical" "communist"? even joe fucking biden is "radical" and a "commie ally" now?! call me a pessimist but i've completely lost faith on the us. we up north depend so much on you guys yet we keep getting fucked, even at your own detriment, just to follow the party's agenda. oh and to those who are relentlessly attacking silentguns just cause he's european? immediately jumping to arguements like "unlike in your country keke"? you can go fuck yourselves with a dildo made out of semantic rubber, or whatever "facts and logics" material you prefer. we don't live in a fucking bubble, globalization's been a thing since the 18th century you dense imbeciles. you have a right to criticize venezuela? well i have a fucking right to give a shit about the election of one of the most powerful and influential country on earth. "but your country also has this issue/issues in general that you might even acknowledge and actively work to fix therefore you can't have an opinion on the international scene!" yeah fuck off. yall get a gold fucking medal in mental gymnastics. so many of the replies in this thread are so, so deeply embarrassing, it hurts to even think that people believe that shit. you guys should be on the free education side, cause some of yall need it, badly. i didn't come here to make an argument or even to take a position regarding the justice in question, whose appointment is hypocritical to begin with, nor am i going to respond to any attempts of righties trying to get some kind of "prove me that racism exists" bullshit. keep licking the status quo and regression, don't complain when it eventually hits the fan. embrace a dictatorship to own the libs.
  3. i'd gladly participate and get it all to myself but tf servers are dead i've already done all of the challenges, just not on our servers
  4. rumor has it: a dying child infected with covid-19 listened to this on his deathbed and instantly recovered: scientists in awe, we've been in contact with the CDC and NASA for a potential cure. Please spread awareness with your moms and aunts.
  5. i dislike the kzisqi burge it has too mujch maet.
  6. what are you saying son, last year's finale was between a handsome, steaming hot, wife-fucking legend of a greek god and a dude who names his pets after food
  7. i would like to attend the meeting and take notes. i can also mediate the meeting and be the humble voice of justice, reason, and morality i used to be
  8. if you guys saw what black rain posts frequently in the BD discord you would NOT vote for her unfortunately im not a bd anymore, therefore i fully endorse black rain™ to win this round of the admin contest she tried to cancel twice
  9. i know its a friendly contest and all but vote for john
  10. damn yall getting owned it aint even close to being close
  11. special mention to the kings that make videos but dont get in that top 5 list
  12. its 2020 nobodys going to bother to click 3 times to check someones rep, i aint about that dumb shit