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  1. damn yall getting owned it aint even close to being close
  2. special mention to the kings that make videos but dont get in that top 5 list
  3. its 2020 nobodys going to bother to click 3 times to check someones rep, i aint about that dumb shit
  4. Congratulations men, well deserved!
  5. if yall see folks getting mad votes from new accounts call that shit out. i aint no staff anymore so i'll fucking say it drippy/duffy is 100% campaigning for votes. number 1 evidence is that there is no way in hell 40 people on this website like this dude.
  6. son wtf u saying that shit is lyrically rich
  7. supp folks your boy just published his first singles make sure yall get that shit on lockdown so we get more streams than our friends back in the hometown to make em mad post your thoughts, criticism and all that jazz, this only a baby live release that we recorded for a local tv show the day my house burnt, hence the cover photo shoutout ralph, have fun w/ the rock band cuisine edit: youtube and apple link for the plebs w/o spotify
  8. Hey, Steam-Gamers, Quite awkward of an outro thread, might I say, but yeah, here it is. I joined early 2015 after getting ddos'd by the owner of another csgo community. Originally, I came here for admin, and I ended up staying for thanks. Once I got on high enough on the board, I figured I'd get more thanks if I got promoted, so I did. Eventually I got director, somehow, and amassed an incredible amount of thanks. After being notoriously inactive due to a certain pandemic whilst working in healthcare, I decided I'd probably step down in May. Things lead to another and I ended up staying there until last week. None of this is news to anybody in the community by now, but I had a situation back at what used to be my house, a week prior to me moving back for university. That kind of precipitated the inevitability of me stepping down, but worry not, it was meant to happen very soon regardless. Speaking of the happening, I wanted to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank everybody involved in both the hosting/managing of the livestream that happened earlier this week. You have no idea how much this means to myself and my family. I've already split the money with them, and they also share their thanks. I had absolutely no expectations and I still came out of there flabbergasted given the incredible support that came my way. I reiterate, thank you, thank you. I'd like to give special mentions, regarding last week, to @patrick. This man, believe it or not, built and donated a complete, new and powerful pc my way, days after the tragedy. I've already received it and, wow, I still cannot believe it. To assert his dominance over the peasants out there, he added a mere $1100 on top of the computer. Although he's probably tired of hearing me say it again and again, thank you so, so much. Second mention goes to @Caution and the rest of the board for allowing all of this to happen. This platform is a huge one, and god fucking damned generous at that. I will forever owe you one for helping us out in these tough times. Of course, there are way too many folks in this place to thank, all of you guys, you know who you are, thank you. I can't stress enough how much this affects us all, I love you all a lot Enough with the sad shit. I've found myself a new passion in 2020, I've started some serious projects (that you guys might be lucky enough to see very soon(tm)), and I'm going back to school for some serious studies now. If that isn't enough of an excuse for me to not have opened csgo since december 2019 then I don't know what to add. I'm a busy, cool, handsome, humble gentleman. I'll make sure to advertise as much of my shit in this place as possible before eventually getting banned, cause it seems to be the recent trend nowadays. I'll post my Ph.D on here once its done, in like, 8 years. Thank you SG. You've been a big part of my life and English development skill for years now, and I'm forever grateful to the friends I've made along the way and what has been done to this place due to everyone's efforts. Special shoutout to the cityboys. I'm at a loss of words right now, its like I've seen this thread coming from miles away and still don't know what the fuck to write, because of how much of an impact this place has had on me in the recent years. I apologize for my lack of activity, but I don't apologize for being the dankest fucking memer this place has seen since wooper. I say this from the bad dragon enthusiast perspective to you all, please thank the fucking thread so it gets more likes than @eXtr3m3's stepping down thread, because I am cooler than he is. I'll stick around, of course. Catch y'all in the joe biden club, love them hairy legs. fuck them kids. give me gp on osrs. long live steam-gamers. edit: thank you for the gold kind stranger!
  9. you motherfucker [REDACTED] you my main man

    1. JoJo.


      U blow kable