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  1. I still think about that last competitive match we played together a few days before you passed. I don't think I've laughed that hard since then. And I don't think anyone I've ever known has made me laugh that hard over and over again in every conversation I've had with them. I tell all my real life friends about how the funniest person I've ever known is a guy I met on a gaming community when I was 12, who made me laugh for years and years but also gave me copious amounts of advice. Always gonna remember you, can't possibly think of me 12 years old - 17 years old without doing so.


    Love you homie.

  2. happy belated birthday :)

  3. I check your page everyday, I check on steam to see if your on. Sometimes I forget you're gone. I watch old videos of gameplay just to hear your goofy ass laugh and that french canadian accent. Miss you buddy.

  4. Holy shit, rest easy roux…

  5. it has been a year. time flies. i miss you a lot. still wish we could have finished that gmod movie haha. theres a lot of new king gizz for you to listen to. maybe one day we can listen together.

  6. was listening to king gizzard and the wizard lizard the other day. first thought was of you. fuck man I miss you a lot.I'll never forget that we were supposed to game that weekend too. Love you buddy

  7. wish you were around

  8. Rest Easy,   I really didn't get to know you but you seem like a great person.  You will be missed.  ❤️  spacer.png

  9. FLuiD

    miss you buddy

  10. Neko

    November 27, and it’s still hard to believe that this is actually real, board members did the best they could to give you your wish of VP…haha..didn’t know you as well as I hoped, but the few times we had were fun, I just hope you enjoyed them as much as I did..and at least you are in a better place, rest assured you won’t be forgotten ❤️

  11. The death of a young person, confronts us with our own mortality. 


    Take care bud 

  12. Wishing you could've been here still. Love and miss you my man.

  13. Still love you and miss you buddy. I'll never forget you roux.

  14. Prez

    Happy belated, bud.

  15. Happy Birthday roux. Party hard.