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The Airsoft Thread

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I've been playing Airsoft for over a year and a half now (means: spent a lot of money on it :larry:). Started out April 2018 with a set of Invader Gear (Multicam) clothes, a cheap modular plate carrier, a pair of old safety shoes from work, a second hand AEG Krytac LVOA-C Warsport (upgraded) and a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1


Played all summer on a field in Belgium called "The Chambers", frequently featured by Youtubers as Silo Entertainment, Cleanshot, Bokkie and Kicking Mustang. Started out with a few friends and colleagues from work and after a few months the loadout changed quite a lot.

Had problems with the Krytac (misfeeds, inaccurate shots,..) and bought a second hand upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR10 G-SPEC as a backup (with the worst paintjob ever). I often switched between AEG and Sniping, but I don't prefer Assault of Sniping and vice versa.


Fall came around and our group joined a Team of 50 people, meaning we had way more people to perform actions on the field and way more people to tag along with to Events and such.


Current loadout:

Added item links, you never know if people want to buy the same item




- Glasses: ESS Crossbow (https://www.esseyepro.com/Crossbow-2X-Kit_165_detail.html) - Haven't had any problems with these fogging. Had SwissEye Raptor (https://swisseye-tactical.com/en/products/all-products/tactical-glasses/raptor/) before these, rarely fogged but had a huge load of scratches on them. Still very good glasses for what they cost.

- Mouthmask: Valken 2G Mesh Mask Green (https://www.valken.com/Valken-Tactical-2G-Wire-Mesh-Tactical-Mask) Simple but works, still looking for something else, since it's not comfortable to wear all day.

- Chest Guard: Invader Gear Mod Carrier (ATP) (https://www.invadergear.com/en/Mod-Carrier-Combo-ATP-9542en1039/) Was a very good deal for the Plate Carrier + those bags.

- Shirt: Invader Gear Combat Shirt (ATP) (https://www.invadergear.com/en/Combat-Shirt-ATP-M-8264en1011/)

- Pants: Invader Gear TDU Revenger (ATP) (https://www.invadergear.com/en/Revenger-TDU-Pant-ATP-M-8248en1017/)

- Boots: Salomon Quest 4D 3 Goretex (https://www.trekkinn.com/outdoor-wandelen/salomon-quest-4d-3-goretex/136627769/p). I had cheap ones from 101Inc (https://www.airsoftshop.be/nl/101-inc-sniper-boots-sidezip-olive.html) before these, but had bad grip on wet days and sore feet after running a whole day. Now it's like I'm walking on pillows compared to these old ones :^_^:

- Gloves: Mechanix M-Pact Covert (https://www.mechanix.com/us-en/m-pact-covert-tactical-impact-gloves) Haven't had any problems with these and are good for Summer and Winter! Had a lot of BB's hitting my fingers and never left a bruise.





Wolverine MTW (HPA/Upgraded) (https://www.evike.com/products/81583/): Changed the stock inner barrel to an Edgi 6.01 Precision Barrel and the Stock to a Magpul MOE Mil-Spec Carbine Stock. Shoots 60 meters/196 ft straight with 0.32 BB's on 350 fps. First HPA gun and can really really really recommend this! Out of the box very good, but the groupings could be better at long range. I added the Madbull KAC 556 QDC Silencer (https://www.airsoftshop.be/nl/madbull-kac-556-qdc-silencer-ccw.html) and it makes it practically silent. You can't hear anything if you're standing 3 meters/10 feet away.


Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (GBB/Upgraded) (https://www.evike.com/products/24981/): Changed the inner barrel/bucking/hopup to a full Maple Leaf set (https://www.skirmshop.nl/nl/hi-capa-51-chamber-set-with-113mm-602-inner-barrel.html) and that really increased range/groupings and overall quality. Big downside for me is that it's a very loud gun. Very impractical if you want to use a silent approach.


Novritsch SSX-23 (NBB/Upgraded): (https://eu.novritsch.com/product/novritsch-ssx23/) Tbh, I never wanted to have anything to do with the Novritsch brand. I was looking out to buy a Tokyo Marui MK23 (not an ASG or STTI clone) but couldn't get my hands on one (they're working on the next generation of the MK23 and they stopped production for the Gen2 version that's sold out everywhere in Europe). I saw that Novritsch brought out his clone and I must say.. Out of the box it's pretty well, it shoots very good for a pre-upgraded gun but It's not the quality of the Tokyo Marui MK23. I added the real TDC-mod, H-plate and changed the bucking from a 50° autobot to a 60°. Now it shoots 70 meters (not even joking) like a laser. Need to play a few games with it to really have a strong opinion on it.





Favourite Field featured on Youtube:



Post your loadouts and favourite fields!

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I would love to get into casual airsoft but there are no newbie events over here ;_; . Are there a lot of rules or could I learn all of this from videos?


If you go to events, the rules are always explained at the briefing before the game. I'm sure you can find people to drive along with you to play games. The best beginners gun I found was the ASG Scorpion EVO Carbine :)

Good luck!

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If your new @SilentGuns I'd recommend going to any close airsoft arena to start off and understand the rules and guns slowly then progress towards milsim events since there aren't to many around and you probably have to travel just to be apart of it. It's a costly hobby but it's very fun if you want to be in the action. ( Yes I know this is a old thread just wanted to put my input)

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I don't have the money to buy fancy guns or go to fields but I play in my backyard with my friends and it is epic. Airsoft is so fun; if you're looking to get into it I definitely would.


No need to buy fancy equipment at all. It's all about the fun you have together. @Synk , The best thing to do is go to skirms and then move on to a simple tactsim first. I dropped out of a Milsim game 2 days beforehand because I didn't have the required equipment for it, luckily I read the rules on the website. You can't use HPA weapons and must be in-game for the whole weekend, even when you're sleeping.


Is there somebody in SG who can tell me what brand of clothing they used in the Military? Can be either country. I'm looking out for a set of Multicam Uf Pro clothing, but it's horribly expensive

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Sorry to follow up on my own post, but if there's people who want to buy guns or equipment, Black Friday is on the 29th of November and replicas or gear is always on websites at 20-50% off.

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