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  1. Ayyy lets go. Cant wait to gun y'all down as a medic!
  2. Take it easy my guy. Stay safe, and keep your health up mate!
  3. I need more votes, come on now lads!
  4. This shit wack


  5. take it easy mate and come hop on the servers and dc once in awhile b!
  6. Yo me @McBride @CozyKitten and her bf and @Hk420 also @Cept For Her all play b hit us up sometime on the discord
  7. Congratulations mates!
  8. Map Suggestion Full map name De_Peachtrees Type of map TTT Link to map download Additional Information I think this map would be cool to have in TTT. I'd like to be able to shoot people from the floors and run away all this map needs would probably be guns on the floor for this map to work. Screenshots attached No
  9. Congrats b's! i see y'all out here!
  10. Congrats guy! Y'all be doing hella shit for the community I've seen y'all working hard keep it up mates!
  11. Y'all ready lose to a man named Sink
  12. Synk

    Best song of 2020

    [video=youtube_share;K09_5IsgGe8] Joji = Best Man
  13. Papa synk needs another win come on baby! (Congratulations to the winners!)