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MGT Night Crawler Event

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:rip: Nightcrawler is back and its about to get scary :rip:


An alien species known as Nightcrawlers have landed on earth. Their purpose is to annihilate the human race! The Counter-Terrorist unit has been chosen to defend our planet and return our civilization back to normal. Who will win?



About This Mod

A random player is chosen to be a nightcrawler. Nightcrawlers are invisible, have more speed , less gravity, can climb walls and teleport. The objective of the nightcrawlers is to kill the humans (CTs). The humans can choose from any primary and secondary weapons in the game. They also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different abilities.




Friday 08-30-2019 6pm - 12am Monday 09-2-2019




MGT Server:

Password will be removed when the event starts




s/o to @nick @Nishok @Cept For Her @eXtr3m3 @R3TROATTACK & @roux.

yall the real ones for making this happen.

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