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  1. Asher

    SQUAD Giveaway

    good luck to all of you
  2. actually... you can just place them anywhere, you can't even see the letter on the key and you already have the keyboard keys memorized. ez puzzle solution :P
  3. i mean they didn't really talk about anything related to "before" banning a player, so the "warn - kick - ban" thing didn't change
  4. bruh, the game costs 40 dollars.
  5. Good shit you guys, congratz! As Wesker's sig said: Let's make ZE great again.
  6. yoo, payment with Dirhams? Blesss.
  7. Damn, Thanks for managing ze and all of your help, thank you. Farewell.
  8. I wonder where I saw Mirrored maps.. WarOwl
  9. Solo q league of legends Destiny 2 PVP