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  1. Good shit you guys, congratz! As Wesker's sig said: Let's make ZE great again.
  2. yoo, payment with Dirhams? Blesss.
  3. Damn, Thanks for managing ze and all of your help, thank you. Farewell.
  4. Asher

    Scrim Mega-Mashup Week

    I wonder where I saw Mirrored maps.. WarOwl
  5. Solo q league of legends Destiny 2 PVP
  6. wow! so small! congratz to all of you! Maniac, that rank leap was pretty small man.
  7. Asher


    thanks for your hard work brother, cya man!
  8. *puke* what is this trash ass clan eughhhhhhhhhhh you can do every raid, if you have the forsaken DLC, but you can't do raids that are for shadowkeep only (a.k.a Garden of Salvation) I know the pain of this one also btw @Creten @AstralI have shadowkeep now :P