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  1. This event is over! Winner: @triou (but he already has a custom skin ) So the prize winner is: @Alexa<3 (I'll give you a message on discord about your prize)
  2. Asher

    Chainsaw Man...

    Aye, that's cool and all, but... This is a banger tho,
  3. Congratz @Asher !!! Hope you can do only the best for surf! Congratz to everyone else!
  4. you have claimed the "2nd best surfer in SG" spot. I only listen to the #1 spot.
  5. Asher

    Surf Time Wipe

  6. 10/16/2022 Wiped all map times (records and PBs)
  7. BIG SURF SERVER ANNOUNCEMENT!! Today, thanks to the help of @Nishok , due to the changing tick rate and other reasons, we have reset all of the surf server's map times, meaning all of the records and PBs everybody had is gone!! NOW, Everybody hop on Surf and go crazy! here's an extra bonus : From October 16th till November 1st, Whoever can claim #1 on the In-game Normal leaderboard of Surf will receive this a special reward: (Leaderboard can be viewed by typing /top In-game) Good luck, and have fun!!!
  8. Post your funny, hilarious, 69, hee hee hee haa, hoo hee, clips here!!!!!!!
  9. Will be fixed with a big upcoming change, stay tuned.
  10. @john jones : " @Hiro. your nose is pushed in to your eyes kid, you look like a pug"
  11. I look forward to when I have lots of money
  12. the deepest part of the ocean