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  1. i'll play malphite support
  2. All in a day's work. And yes I know, the logos are shieet.
  3. Squad (Early Access) Also, I call BS cuz Creten has advantage here and I wanted that emblem ffs
  4. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    Event will be cancelled for now, I'll try hosting it another time when I don't have stuff to worry about.
  5. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    Change of plans, Event will be rescheduled for tomorrow @ 6 PM EST, because I won't be able to make it today.
  6. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    This event is today at 6 PM EST, Be There!!
  7. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

  8. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    Cheers to @crazedkangaroo for the banner! Surf DJ Night Come join us for a good ol' DJ event, Surf Edition. Let me explain how this will go down: I'll be taking Song requests on the server and play them via my Soundboard, we'll also be sticking to Tier 1 maps only When and Where? Sunday, December 19th @ 6PM EST On our Surf Server ("")
  9. hey thanks man, ever since I came to america, everything has just been so much more enjoyable
  10. Event Over! 1st place: @urpalerp 2nd place: @Asher 3rd place: N/A Please ask @Black Rain for your Credit prizes