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  1. i mean they didn't really talk about anything related to "before" banning a player, so the "warn - kick - ban" thing didn't change
  2. bruh, the game costs 40 dollars.
  3. Good shit you guys, congratz! As Wesker's sig said: Let's make ZE great again.
  4. yoo, payment with Dirhams? Blesss.
  5. Damn, Thanks for managing ze and all of your help, thank you. Farewell.
  6. Asher

    Scrim Mega-Mashup Week

    I wonder where I saw Mirrored maps.. WarOwl
  7. Solo q league of legends Destiny 2 PVP
  8. wow! so small! congratz to all of you! Maniac, that rank leap was pretty small man.
  9. Asher


    thanks for your hard work brother, cya man!