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  1. would it kill you to read before posting?
  2. The event is today at 7PM EST!!! You can still give out song request, just please make sure they're not last second.
  3. Asher

    Surf Karaoke Night

  4. Also, quick note: I will play random songs that I chose for whoever knows the song to sing it.
  5. Thanks to @euro for the banner! Surf Karaoke Night Welcome everyone to Surf Karaoke Night! Let me explain how this is going to go: We will all hop on the Surf server and we will have a normal karaoke night, only I will play song requests through my mic, and to do that, I need you to put in your song requests here, so I have them ready before hand. Please make sure the songs fall under our rules and are not used to target anyone on the server. When? 1/24 @ 7 PM EST Where? Song Requests List POP SMOKE - Dior Chase & Status - Blind Faith Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way I will add any song request whenever I can See you all there, hope we all have a lot of fun!
  6. Event Cancelled, sadly there weren't enough participants. Hopefully next one will be better.
  7. until
  8. Surf Event Submission In-Game name: SteamID: Time for submission: Screenshot of time: Video (optional): Submissions can be submitted in this manner
  9. Thanks to @nickfor the cool banner Welcome to Round 2 of our Monthly Surf Timed Contest! First of all, let me tell you how it works: We pick a map, and it's up to you to get the fastest time and post it here, the top 3 times will win a prize This Month's map will be: to end off the year, we're going with the banger of a map.. surf_kitsune (T1, 9S) Rewards: 1st Place: 5000 Credits 2nd Place: 2500 Credits 3rd Place: 1000 Credits Important Note: If you get a better time and want to submit again, don't make a new post. Re-edit your post and fill out the form again. We will look at the submissions at the end of the month so there are no worries. The contest will span from 12/1/20 - 12/31/20, any times afterwards will not count, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me on Forums or Discord Good Luck!
  10. Event Over! Here are the winners: 1st Place: @EpicFP 2nd Place: @Cody. 3rd Place: @Asher you can ask @Dreamz for your prizes.