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  1. 06/22/2022 Added new map: surf_caged (T2 4S 4B) Set the pre-speed for surf_linafora to 350 and reset all the times.
  2. Here's a full list of the maps on the Easy Surf server: Tier 1: "surf_aircontrol_ksf (T1 L)" "surf_andromeda (T1 L)" "surf_aweles (T1 5S)" "surf_beginner (T1 7S)" "surf_benevolent (T1 7S B)" "surf_beverages_remix_go (T1 8S)" "surf_borderlands (T1 7S)" "surf_calycate_csgo (T1 L)" "surf_colum_2 (T1 6S 1B)" "surf_cyberwave (T1 2S)" "surf_derpis_ksf (T1 6S)" "surf_deathstar (T1 6S)" "surf_dinwod (T1 4S)" "surf_easy1 (T1 5S)" "surf_easy2 (T1 11S)" "surf_forbidden_ways_ksf (T1 L B)" "surf_funhouse_fix (T1 L)" "surf_hourglass (T1 L)" "surf_kitsune (T1 9S)" "surf_lament_n2p (T1 L)" "surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ (T1 L)" "surf_legends_lite (T1 L)" "surf_lianfora (T1 L 1B)" "surf_lovetunnel (T1 L)" "surf_lullaby_ksf (T1 L)" "surf_lux (T1 L)" "surf_mesa (T1 L)" "surf_minuet_v1p (T1 L)" "surf_mom (T1 6S B) "surf_nyx (T1 L)" "surf_orion (T1 L)" "surf_oasis (T1 L 1B)" "surf_paradise (T1 5S)" "surf_prelude_ksf (T1 L B)" "surf_rebel_resistance_njv (T1 L)" "surf_rebel_scaz_csgo (T1 L)" "surf_reprise (T1 L)" "surf_reytx (T1 8S 2B)" "surf_rooftopsv2 (T1 2S)" "surf_rouxmerch(T1 L)" "surf_seasons (T1 4S)" "surf_skeelee (T1 7S)" "surf_southpark_refix (T1 4S)" "surf_summit (T1 L 3B)" "surf_training (T1 5S)" "surf_trance_ksf (T1 L B)" "surf_utopia_v3 (T1 L)" "surf_water-run_b5 (T1 3S)" "surf_whiteout (T1 6S)" Tier 2: "surf_3 (T2 L)" "surf_4head_csgo (T2 L 4B)" "surf_ace (T2 8S B)" "surf_activation (T2 L 3B)" "surf_adventure_easy (T2 L)" "surf_aeron (T2 L)" "surf_amantiss_csgo (T2 L 4B)" "surf_amplitude_encore_nsf_v4 (T2 L)" "surf_amplitude_light (T2 L)" "surf_annoyance_njv (T2 8S)" "surf_aqua (T2 L)" "surf_atlas_1 (T2 L)" "surf_beginner2 (T2 7S 4B)" "surf_beginner_lin (T2 L)" "surf_brickwood (T2 6S 3B)" "surf_cavemissile_fix (T2 L 4B)" "surf_casbah (T2 L 1B)" "surf_classics2 (T2 9S)" "surf_colours (T2 10S)" "surf_coralis_ksf- (T2 L 2B)" "surf_delusional_ (T2 8S)" "surf_dragon (T2 L 1B)" "surf_eclipse_fix (T2 3S)" "surf_ember (T2 6S)" "surf_faint_fix (T2 L 2B)" "surf_flow (T2 L)" "surf_fortum (T2 5S B)" "surf_fruits (T2 10S B)" "surf_funhouse2 (T2 L)" "surf_furios- (T2 6S)" "surf_glass7 (T2 L)" "surf_glass9 (T2 L)" "surf_globalchaos (T2 3S B)" "surf_graphia (T2 L B)" "surf_grassland (T2 L)" "surf_greensway (T2 L)" "surf_guitar" (T1 L)" "surf_happyhands_test (T2 L 2B)" "surf_holiday_fix (T2 4S)" "surf_hotrod_beta (T2 L 2B)" "surf_how2surf (T2 21S)" "surf_hurrr (T2 L)" "surf_inspire (T2 L B)" "surf_island (T2 L)" "surf_interference (T2 L)" "surf_ivory (T2 L 3B)" "surf_juturna (T2 L B)" "surf_krow10 (T2 L B)" "surf_kz_protraining (T2 16S 4B)" "surf_lessons (T2 7S 3B)" "surf_like_this (T2 L 4B)" "surf_mate (T2 L 4B)" "surf_me (T2 5S 4B)" "surf_mesa_aether (T2 2S)" "surf_mesa_mine (T2 L B)" "surf_minecraft_2020_fix (T2 4S 3B)" "surf_nebula (T2 L 3B)" "surf_network_2008_final (T2 L B)" "surf_newb_hazard_r1 (T2 L)" "surf_not_so_sinister (T2 5S)" "surf_ny_platinum (T2 6S B)" "surf_ny_superhappiest_b3 (T2 2S)" "surf_olympus (T2 5S)" "surf_palm (T2 L 2B)" "surf_palais (T2 L)" "surf_premium (T2 8S 2B)" "surf_portal_game4 (T2 6S)" "surf_radiation_hazard (T2 L B)" "surf_rookie (T2 18S)" "surf_sanctuary (T2 L)" "surf_sandtrap (T2 L 3B)" "surf_singletons (T2 5S)" "surf_spacejam (T2 6S B)" "surf_summer (T2 11S)" "surf_sundown_njv (T2 L)" "surf_sunnyhappylove (T2 4S)" "surf_sup_ (T2 9S B)" "surf_syria_ (T2 8S)" "surf_tensile_njv (T2 L)" "surf_the_gloaming_rat (T2 L)" "surf_the_gloaming_rat_gfl (T2 L)" "surf_tranquil (T2 L)" "surf_tomb_redone (T2 L)" "surf_unraveled (T2 9S B)" "surf_vegetables (T2 10S B)" "surf_waterworks (T2 L)" "surf_wood (T2 L B)" "surf_zoomathon (T2 L)"
  3. Asher

    Surf Timed Contest

  4. Thanks to @nick for the cool banner! Hey everyone! We back with the Surf Timed Contest! To the new people, let me tell you how it works: We pick a map, and it's up to you to get the fastest time and post it here, the top 3 times will win a prize! This Contest's map will be: surf_paradise (T1 5S) Prizes: 1st Place: 9500 Credits + "Contest Winner - 1st Place" Award 2nd Place: 6000 Credits + "Contest Winner - 2nd Place" Award 3rd Place: 3000 Credits + "Contest Winner - 3rd Place" Award Important Note: If you get a better time and want to submit again, don't make a new post. Re-edit your post and fill out the form again. I will look at the submissions at the end of the event so there are no worries. The contest will span from 04/02/22 to 27/02/22, Any times afterwards will not count. (Surf Server IP: If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on Forums or Discord Good Luck!
  5. i'll play malphite support
  6. All in a day's work. And yes I know, the logos are shieet.
  7. Squad (Early Access) Also, I call BS cuz Creten has advantage here and I wanted that emblem ffs
  8. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    Event will be cancelled for now, I'll try hosting it another time when I don't have stuff to worry about.
  9. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    Change of plans, Event will be rescheduled for tomorrow @ 6 PM EST, because I won't be able to make it today.
  10. Asher

    Surf DJ Event

    This event is today at 6 PM EST, Be There!!
  11. Asher

    Surf DJ Event