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  1. happy birthday

  2. Only if @kabLe stops buying 4 for 4 and upgrade to 5 for 4
  3. Agreed, I feel like if more regs get together the server can atleast be stable in population. I kinda want a lenient gameplay where people can mess around and have fun rather having hard ass admins. Who knows summer is around the corner and so we got time. Crazy how the ranks went down after? It must've been the lack of motivation from the previous managers. At least TTT finally has light to improve
  4. Yeah, the current state of TTT is still terrible since the last TTT community meeting. Old regs are not getting on because the gameplay isn't as fun as before, and something needs to change. You could argue that there is a lack of feedback, so no changes have been made, But the problem is the lack of motivation from the staff that runs the server. I have not seen anyone taking responsibility and accepting the current situation. We need to change this around, and I cannot stand and see my favorite server just run into the dumps. So, what are the following steps to populate TTT? My suggestion could be to run weekly events and give players free VIP (for a week?) after X amount of playtime. Possibly create an event where innocents can have their menu? Who knows, the possibilities are endless. But, you need to step out of your comfort zone and make that changes. I hope to see some positive changes in the coming days for TTT. I rather see TTT with 10 solid player base than 0.
  5. apply for admin 

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      can’t you just give it to me?

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    ZE Ape Escape Event

    @Leon Mordecai @thuxysbring it back.
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    Admoon apps

    @Gumline apply king
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    Legend has it.... 

  9. look what they did to our server 

  10. God bless your sweet soul!

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    they took ur admin away 

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      i was too powerful