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I feel as though most people that play on Jb, TTT, Ze e.t.c don't even know about other servers that Sg offers. Before i made a forms account i had no idea about the other servers but Jb and scrims because i fine that there is no way of people knowing about the other servers. One very distinctive example is scrims. All though most people that play on it don't want new people to join cause then it does not make it as competitive cause then noobs join (me) it still is one of those servers 3 quarters of the Sg community don't know about. The way that more Sg members can fine out about these servers is in the chat there are sort of announcements like what !joinus is or !store make one that is !servers that can show all of the servers in sg so more people can find out about them. :biggrin:

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If you're saying that scrim needs more players than it already has, it definitely doesn't. Months ago when I started playing scrim, scrim pretty much only consisted of regulars and admins because the only way of getting to scrim was making a forums account. Unfortunately, "secrets" go around and all it took was one person to get the password and he shared to to everybody on the casual servers. Scrim isn't supposed to be a 20-30 player server, it's supposed to be a 10 person server because it's competitive and not a casual community game mode. Scrim actually does really well because it's only a competitive server and it actually racks in a lot of players.


For other servers, I could see this working through some sort of plugin. We could advertise the other servers that aren't doing so well at the time and use it to send players to the other servers. Not the worst idea I've seen, great suggestion.

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Simple concept but actually quite beneficial and really not harmful in any way. Since we lost the !servers command a while back (which would allow you to connect to any of our other servers by clicking on the name) we never actually made something in it's place to allow people to find the other servers. (afaik?)


Some type of simple advertisement to make everyone aware of the other servers we host would be a great idea, imo.

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