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  1. I am sorry for any degrading jokes that I have made about your religious heritage in the past. I hope you are able to forgive me.

  2. Alex

    Hey I like your color G

    1. the baconator

      the baconator

      Hi Duffy and Alex!!!

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    stupid bitch

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  5. faggot!!! -tides from the new forums

  6. realones score another point Congrats guys!
  7. Kuri does bring up a very valid point about how T points equates to knowing the rules. But thing is, people don't always play JB to only get kills. A lot of them play for fun rather then just finding the nearest gun and beaming the CTs. And you can take these averages, but it's all about the player. I can understand how it might take a T 3+ maps to actually get 25 points. I think it also takes away from the role playing of the game mode and encourages killing and rebelling 24/7.
  8. Event starting now! Join up guys!
  9. Event is in an hour! Be there!
  10. Pushing it back to tomorrow at 8pm, this time, I will see you guys there!