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Breaking stuff with Knife in game.

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I made this in Off Topic so that more people could read it.


90% of CSS players know that when knifing someone, right clicking does more damage than left click (right click = 55 dmg, left click = ~18 dmg i f i can remember correctly), and whenever someone tries to knife another player with left click, he is usualy called a noob.


Something i find weird is when playing on one of our escape servers and trying to break either a vent, a door or anything, 8 out of 10 zombies use their left click and i never understood it, so i guess this is a post to say:



It makes me so mad.


Also if you believe i am wrong and that left click works better please post why in the reply.

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I just tested this on one of those very annoying doors to break in ze_omega_b2.


Right Click took me 31 seconds to break it

Left Click took me 73 seconds to break it


I almost never play escape anymore so I'm trying to remember if I right or left clicked... I may be a left clicking noob! :O

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That almost NEVER happens in escape. Also the exact damages I think are 55 every second vs 22 every second, pretty big diff there >P


Ofc you guys could always get a mod that changes primary fire stabs to do about 28 damage and then it'd wind up doing 55dps like secondary fire does.

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