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Mid-Round LRs

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Often times, 5 or 6 Ts will be remaining late round, waiting for one to sacrifice themself for LRs to commence. I propose an option that would give these Ts an option to sacrifice themself alternative to the traditional suicide by cop method.


CTs would have the option to extend an opportunity to LR to a chosen T. If one of the last 5+ Ts were to come forward, a CT could extend them a chance to LR, which would allow the T to accept and choose the LR without custom rules. This would prevent rounds from stagnating and dragging on. CTs would be able to extend this at any time during the round, allowing for Mid-Round LRs, if a CT and T agreed on it.


I think it's important that menuselect 1 be bound to deny and 9 be bound to accept to prevent CTs from abusing this feature and catching unsuspecting, fatfingered Ts in a Mid-Round LR. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to change these binding in traditional LRs either; as a CT, I've been slammed by LRs a few times as last CT, causing me to be unable to switch weapons properly in tense situations or accidentally finding myself in a knife fight.

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