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The boring "professional" picture????

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Yesterday, with the help of my father, I took this picture so I'd have something that looked nice and also so I'd actually have a picture of me finally.


Really, the only things that bother me on this pic is the tie is crooked and, due to "profesionalism," I didn't smile. Oh well :blush:


Tell me watcha think.







For the curious types, I have this USAF Service Dress Uniform with permission of the USAF Auxiliary, CAP (or). :birthday2: And, yes, I do seek to be a pilot in either the USMC or USAF (AF = top pick). If not a fighter pilot, a refuler such as a KC-135. (Yes, I was in the filming walking off the bus, into the plane)





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Pilot wooooot!!!! Yeah a little smile could have been good... but its good you have a passion and something to live for and give you goals.. CAP is a good way to start serving your country at a young age.. Keep up the good work!!


BTW CAP showed up at the airport where I fly at like 2 in the morning the other day cause someone hit the ELT while pluging in his headset and didnt realized, it went off al afternoon and they finally dicided to check it out lol!!!!!


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